When it’s good, it’s okay. When it’s bad, it’s terrible.

Last weeks near-shutout of the Alliance by the Horde in AV notwithstanding,  Horde are usually losing.

I don’t do pre-mades.  Once or twice, and only limited ones at that (five in our guild, on vent, in 15 man Arathi Basin).

For me, a premade team in Arathi Basin means a quick mark of honor.  I’d prefer they didn’t rub it in our faces and camp the last graveyard.  When they do that I stop feeding them honor by declining to rez for them.  Hey, you’ve got the organization.  Take the victory, be clean about it, and move on.  When they don’t, it’s terrible.

But I love it when a game goes well.  I don’t need great.  Well is fine.  And victory is just icing on a good game.  If both sides have accumulated good honor, hk’s, and kb’s, they’re both doing what they ought to be.

I’ve not stuck my head into WSG in ages now.  (I might for the marks for a piece of armor.  Or I might not.)

In EOTS I’m 1-1.  That was great.  I might retire on those laurels.  🙂

In Arathi Basin we’re actually 3-2 now.  The 2 losses were to premades.  The 3 wins… I don’t know.  Flukes?  They’re classic wins.  Grabbed farm, then lm and and bs.  Hold.  Harrass the stables to keep them locked down on what they have.  Watch them sit at the stables unsure of what to do.  Fend off late game desperation rushes.  Take a fourth resource, the mine, or the stables perhaps, to speed up the intevitable.  Thank the healers before the match closes.


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