Todays Searches

Every now and then I peruse the searches used to find me.

If the searcher hasn’t already found the answer, let me try to answer directly:

best horde battle group 2

It ain’t Vindication.  I’ve lost way more times than won.  In all fairness, though, last night we ripped the alliance a new one.  A group actually peeled off to defend Galv.  A small group did kill Bal, and we did not have Stonehearth Graveyard once that got done.  We took the bunkers and we defended them until they capped.  We did capture Stormpike Graveyard, and finally held on to it.  We took both North and South Dun Baldar bunkers.  And we defended them till they capped.  We ran wild over the alliance there outside of Van’s keep.  We didn’t capture the flag, since they had a lot of folks defending.  We finally did, but not for the longest while.  It was a really fun time though.  Lot’s of fighting.  And in the end, Horde won the attrition war.  We had over 400 left when the alliance ran out.  Our captures also saw us getting 500 some honor to the Alliance’s 20 or so.  Defend your victories, yet move on for the conquest.

spellblade tauren 2

This is the Pvp dagger that you can get.  Rather a nice weapon for a caster type.  So I’m figuring if Taurens are involved, it must be a Druid or Shaman request.  I’d opt for the Gavel though.  Same stats and cost.  But 10′ tall Taurens should be swinging maces, not daggers. 

wow bc highest ele shaman dps 1

Eleven billionity!  Not close.  At the moment, in a mix of T4 and T5 gear, and probably missing an enchant or two, I can hit 1000 or so.   My regular bolts hit for 1500, crits for over 3000.  2 second cast, that’s 750 dps for regular hits, and 1500 dps for crits, 30% crit rate recorded by Recount.  So that’s 975 dps, sustained.  If I’m not moving, or dropping totems (2 second global cooldown for each drop, 3 dropped at a time for most fights, and during fights.  975 dps, to which add your blessings and buff foods and such, and you could easily get over 1000.  I’m really curious about how much that will improve once I start getting more of the T5 set (so far only 1 piece), and I can finally replace my Tidefury (DS3) chest armor!  (75 badges isn’t insurmountable and will get a very nice T5 equivalent chest armor.)

zomg wow database 1

This must be referring to WoWHead.  (See the side bar for the link.) 

shaman wotlk 1

Don’t know what anyone is going to find here about Shamans and WotLK.  From what I’ve heard, they’ll be buffing Enhancement more, and nerfing Elementals some, and I guess leaving the Restos alone.  I don’t worry about it though.  What will be will be. 

ssc tk warrior tanking blog 1

My hats off to the Tanks in SSC and TK.  I found my limit in Heroics.  These guys impress the heck out of me. 

“servant of razelikh” kite 1

You used to be able to kite the servants all the way to Stormwind City.  I’ve seen it done.  (Rather, I was with the mob following the thing, leveling up my weapons, as some Warrior hauled it into town. )

But, no more.  They now rubberband right back to their spot after a short chase.  You can’t even do a fighting retreat, and fight them while pulling them away, without them evading and resetting.

dpsbot 1

Somebody in vent once asked what my secret was on a Karazhan run.  We’d just down the Prince.  I was on top of the chart in damage output.  In honesty I told him I mashed the 2 key.  That’s my lightning bolt.  “Shot Rotations” for an Elemental Shaman are: Lightning Bolt.  Repeat.  (Sure, if there’s a well controlled mob of mobs I’ll throw in Chain Lightnings every chance I get, and I’ll drop Magma or Fire Nova totems too.  It’s mostly just lightning bolt spam.)

I used to be a healbot.  And that involved consideration of whether to use Lesser Healing Wave, regular Healing Wave, or Chain Healing.  (No HOTS for Shammys.)

I’m even more limited in choices as a DPSbot.

level 20 paladin quest 1

I posted that post a little while back about the level 20 Paladin quest for alliance.  The one that got you Verigan’s Fist.

elemental shaman badge gear 1

Yeppers.  Sweet stuff.  T5 equivalent gear for doing a lot of Karazhan.

There are boots, gloves, belt, bracers, shoulders, and chest armor to get.  The leggings you’ll have to get out of Zul’Aman.  (And the leather belt for Balance Druids has better stats on it than the mail version.)


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2 Responses to Todays Searches

  1. Dammerung says:

    *Poking around*
    *Notices Stormsoul pvps!*
    *Wonders idly if there is any chance he has tips for a poor little enh shaman who is starting to die in battlegrounds again*

  2. Kinless says:

    Hey there.

    I’ve been PvPing on my Warrior since my Shaman is my Raider.

    What I remember of Shaman PvP:

    I felt useful as Resto. I imagined keeping folks up and going was contributing to the effort. I looked to healing output to see how well I was doing. (Top 5.)

    I felt killer as Elemental. Racking up the hk’s, racking up the kb’s. It’s quite something to be around a corner, tab some alliance gnome or something, and let loose with the bolts of fury. They don’t see me, they notice their health dropping. If they weren’t fast enough, kb to me.

    I felt weakest as Enhancement. I only tried this about level 60. I’d left my Resto gear in the bank and actually had a few epic “enhancement” pieces of gear. (Zul’Gurub chest armor, Blackwing Lair shoulders, Molten Core crafted boots.) I was dual wielding in a game that wasn’t expecting/didn’t require slow offhands. Yeah, big ol’ one-handers got you the big hits, but the future was “dual wield” so I tried it. Not so effective in the battlegrounds.

    Enhancement was how I leveled up, but when I got to the end-game, I saw what gear I had available to me, a casual player, and opted for Elemental. I could get PvP gear (I got the gloves and gavel), and I could find a place in raids without being a healbot.

    I’ll admit, a well geared Enhancement Shaman can rock the charts, and it’s what I dream I could be again, but till then, as they let me gear up my off-spec desires, I’ll be Elemental for raiding, and pvping.

    However, that said, until you get to Outlands you’ll not find a lot of Elemental gear. (We had Molten Core Shamans wearing cloth to go the Elemental route.)

    And I’d wager you won’t really find a lot of proper (slow-slow) dual wield enhancement weapons. (Hardhitting and slow off-hands.)

    Maybe a good 2-hander might suit you at the moment?

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