Lolz. I am not unique.

I knew I’d gotten enough honor to purchase the Season 1 shoulders with yesterdays honor earnings, so I logged out in the PvP vendors area. Today, I log on, and buy my shoulders. I wasn’t alone there. Guess who I had for company.


(Your’s truly is the handsome devil on the right.)

Nelf Hunters of the world, unite!


About Kinless

Gamer. Engineer. Lived lots of places.
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One Response to Lolz. I am not unique.

  1. Lassirra says:


    I know the feeling, completely!

    For some reason, I always feel like a weenie running around in my season 1 shoulders, when I’ve got the T4 shoulders in the bank. But, gosh darn it, I wanted the Agi! And T4 has NONE!

    Oh well. At least I’m fashionable? Lol

    Grats on the new shoulders! 🙂

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