It must be the common denominator.

On my Alliance 70, on the Rampage Battlegroup, he loses 9 AV’s out of 10. This was the battlegroup where the Alliance boycotted for a while because they always lost.  Still do.

On my Horde 70’s, on the Vindication Battlegroup, they’ve lost 9 AV’s out of 10.  It’s known to be a “Horde loses battlegroup.”

Can I pick the servers or what?

Just interesting how these servers, populated by players all starting with the same characters and classes and gear, can be so very different one from the other.


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2 Responses to It must be the common denominator.

  1. Irish says:

    Try the Cyclone Battlegroup – EU, there the Alliance win about 80% of their Av matches

  2. Relmstein says:

    I think a lot of the imbalances between battlegroups came from the sloppy implementation of the currency based honor system. The first week of the new system the rate at which honor was earned was around 2.5x of what battlegrounds currently give. Since there were no cross server queues at this time the less populous faction on each server got a huge advantage by earning honor with instant queue times.

    I have a feeling that battlegroups were put together to get an overall balanced population and Blizzard didnt really look at each server individually. Having a battlegroup where on 8 of the servers one faction started out with a full set of level 60 epic PvP gear is an advantage that probably won’t be erased until the next expansion.

    Then again it could also be completely random.

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