My Valley is not your Valley.

Alterac Valley that is.

In my old battlegroup, Rampage, the Alliance got to losing AV so often they basically stopped playing.  They actually boycotted Alterac Valley.  Poor Vann.  Nobody to defend him.  Literally, we’d have 2 or 3 Alterac Valley’s going on at a time.  My Horde character would wait over 30 minutes to get into one.

My new battlegroup, Vindication, I’ve won one in about ten AV matches.  But at least we have 30-40 matches going on all the time.  And pretty much every match goes: 1) Rush Balinda with a few, 2) Rush Stormpike, 3) cap (and somehow burn) the bunkers on the way.  It’s an out and out race.  Sometimes the Alliance hold us at Stormpike Cemetary, one time they kept us from getting Balinda.  When five defenders can put a stop to something, you can kiss momentum goodbye.

Last night we finally won one.  We got their bunkers slightly before they got our towers, we got their Aid Station just before they got our Relief Hut.  We killed Vann before they killed Drekk.  It was probably very close.  Did they remove all NPC’s but the Captains?  You always had to defeat the Tower/Bunker commanders.  You always had those wandering guys to defeat.  They’re all gone.  It’s pretty much a wide open race.  They might as well just remove Balinda and the Horde guy now.

In fact, why not just remove it all.  All NPC’s.  All guards.  All bunkers and towers.  Make it 40v40 Arena match.  And rather than have us work for them, why not just equip us with epics just for entering?  And if the Alliance don’t have enough Horde to fight, just do 40v40 Alliance vs. Alliance.  It’s just an Arena afterall.  It’s just bloodsports.  Give us our gladiator matches, let the masses eat bread and cheer the emperor Blizzardicus.  All hail, Caeser.  We who are about to die in AV salute you!

Now where was I?  Ah, yes.  My point was that different Battlegroups have different cultures.  That was kind of interesting for me to discover.  On Rampage Alliance lost so much they stopped playing.  On Vindication Horde lose a lot, and yet there’s a lot of AV action happening.  People are people.  But servers and battlegroups develop to become quite different.  They’re born like twins, identical in every way, and yet one becomes Emo Boy and the other Testosterone Titan.  And it’s all based on how the people on those servers/battlegroups grow up and interact with each other.  Kind of like a social experiment played out by test subjects.  Our own little Lord of the Flies.


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3 Responses to My Valley is not your Valley.

  1. Relmstein says:

    Ahh you’re in my battlegroup now Kinless. I mostly only play my alliance toons in AV since they win so often. AFK Gamer had a post awhile back where he use warcraft realms data to look at the win ratio between horde and alliance in the battlegrounds. Vindication was the best one for the alliance in AV, by a lot.

    P.S. Redid my blog layout and forgot to carry you over on the blogroll, fixing that now.

  2. Kinless says:

    Too funny.

    I remember when my buddy at work played. He was the section lead, so I owed him a little deference. And a friend of mine for many years before. And he’d be in AV with his Resto Horde Shaman, and I’d find him with my Nelf Hunter. I felt kind of guilty about it. Or running into any of my Horde guildmates while on my Alliance character. I hopped onto vent with them, and we chatted, and it was funny how the old “If it’s red it’s dead” mentality works. They couldn’t help themselves. 😉

    I didn’t consider that impact when I switched servers. Just wanted one on my timezone, and with progressed guilds that were looking for members. Unfortunately they’re in the wrong BG.

    But maybe not all’s lost with them saying changes will continue to be made in AV. The /reporting feature against afkers really changed things when that was implemented. They should just shake the box again and hopefully things will course correct.

  3. N. E. Miller says:

    Amazing how different it can be on different servers. As an Alliance in the Shadowburn Battlegroup I’m 1-27 in AV thus far…

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