Shared Topic – What would you add to WotLK?

Blog Azeroth’s shared topic looked interesting.

If I could add 1 thing, what would I add to the WotLK expansion?

That’s a tough one.  The one thing?  One?

Well, if it were just one:

For every instance, add 2 more of the same level and difficulty, just locate it somewhere else in a different environment and decked out with different story and place in the lore.  We’ve got the Scarlet Monastery.  Great.  Thanks.  Been there.  Done that.  Done that.  Done that.  No, done that.  No, seriously done that.  Stop done that.  Uh, done that.  Wait… Done that.  And done that.         Done (STOP!)  Except you can’t really stop, can you.  This is where you *will* go in your 30’s.  If you’re an Enhancement Shaman this is where you will go.  If it’s your second Shaman it’s where you’ll go.  If it’s… Get the picture?  How about: Van Cleef wasn’t the final boss in the Defias saga.  He’s not smart enough to be a real boss.  And who was he building that ship for?  Somebody located out in the islands south of the Maelstrom.  An all new set of zones in which to adventure.  And find out the true leader behind the Defias.  Or simply the next in line.

Rather than having us “run” Scarlet Monastery multiple times, have us pay Van Cleef’s Rat Bastard boss a visit instead.  And discover more lore.  And more of the world. And what connection do the Bloodsail Pirates have with Kul Tiras?  And either of them to the Defias?  Hmm.

One thing I’d want to see is more mid-level content.

But if I could make a list of things:

Give Draenei Shamans their own spirit animal form.  We saw it in the beginning quests where they got cat form.  Give the Draenei Shamans Ghost Cat form.  (Not my idea, this is an old one I saw floated a long time ago.)

Give Shamans proper crowd control.  Thrall wasn’t a Druid.  He was a Shaman.  And he controlled the elements.  And he had the earth working for him.  Quicksand.  Elemental Prison.  Whirlwind.

And since I’ve seen Paladins, Warriors, and Druids all tanking mid-level end-game content, it would seem the tanking abilities are fine.  Some are better than others in certain circumstances, and that’s exactly how it should be.  Cause if everyone ought to be able to tank equally, then I want my Fury Warrior and my Fire Mage to tank equally well as well.  Fair, no?

Deathknights.  I’m sorry.  Why aren’t these folks in their own faction?  The Faction of the Damned?  Like half the WoW population wouldn’t love to join the Scourge?  I mean, do we really need to see Gnome Deathknights having picnics out in the Barrens under umbrellas?  Because we will.  Goofy spunky pink haired Gnome DEATHKNIGHTS.  Death.  Scourge.  Does that equate with Gnomeness?  At some point everyone will be able to do everything and we’ll all be the same.  (And that will be Game Over.)

More Factions perhaps?  Let players join the Scourge (starting area in the plaguelands somewhere, Skeletons, Zombies, and Necromancers) *or* the Burning Legion (starting area in Nagrand at one of the demon camps, Felguards, Succubi, Infernals, Warlocks).  Two new Factions.  Four total, all fighting against and amongst each other.  And don’t forget the Highborn Naga and Satyrs work for the Burning Legion.  Maybe their area should start underwater (why not?) in the Maelstrom.

More variety in the Battlegrounds.

And how about Blizzard make one or two more armor models?  You know how utterly cheap a decision it was to equip the draenei in SSC with 1) Horde Warrior level 60 rare pvp gear, and 2) the same hammer model, with glow, from a) Molten Core, and 2) Ring of Blood event reward.  Stop recycling your armor and weapon sets!  And, like someone once mentioned, Ironforge, and places like it, are beginning to look like a Power Ranger conference.  Can you add more glow.  More.  MORE!  MORE GLOW IS BETTER!  No, not really.  Glow should be very, very special.  Now it’s dispensed like those free real estate brochures.

Well, that’s enough.  I’m sure we, all of us, could go on and on about how our changes would make a better WoW.  But that’s Blizzard’s job, and why they’ve got the big brains and dollars to make the changes they think best.

Seriously though.  Gnome Deathknights having picnics under umbrellas with pink hairdos? … Your game will have been hijacked by the folks over at the asylum.

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4 Responses to Shared Topic – What would you add to WotLK?

  1. locksalish says:

    Does anyone else think the Refer-a-Friend bonuses being given out are (in-part) a means to get low level players leveled up in time for WotLK? Get them into the fray, more addicted and increasing the longevity of their subscription? 😉

  2. Kinless says:

    I’d more assume this is way to get the high level folks tied even more tightly to this game. Overachievers have multiple 70’s. Now they’ll buy multiple accounts to get even more 70’s faster. And with multiple accounts they’d be less likely to bail on any new game offerings like Warhammer.

    Or, consider this, these 70’s can create new accounts, get the characters in them to 70, and sell them on e-bay for WotLK. Pretty good deal for the price of a box. I’m sure a 70 character is worth way way more than the box it’s sold in.

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  4. Kinless says:

    Oh, look. I won the Russian Lottery. Go me!

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