I’ve been kind of quiet.

Raids and alts have been keeping me busy.

As I alluded to earlier, I transferred servers to find a guild with friendly raid times in my own time zone. Success. It really didn’t hurt that they started SSC and TK. And very lucky for me that Blackhoof, now called Stormsoul, was SSC ready. My first instance run with them we faced off against the Lady Vashj. It was a learning experience, if you know what I mean. Anyway, this week I got to be with them from the start of the instance. On the first night we got Hydross the Unstable and The Lurker Below. On the next night we got the Fathomlord Karathress and Morogrim Tidewalker. Tonight we will get Leotheras the Blind, and square off against the Lady V again. Now I haven’t been with them to Tempest Keep’s The Eye yet, but they’ve gotten 4 of the 5 bosses down there as well. They are really pushing to get to the Black Temple and Mount Hyjal before Blizzard swings open the gates, so to speak, with the next patch. This is absolutely fun, exciting stuff. I’m loving it because raiding at this level is like raiding Blackwing Lair pre-TBC. And that’s where I’d left off with Darkhoof (aka Blackhoof, now Stormsoul).

They can do near-full clears of both SSC and TK in one night. But this last week’s participation was kind of spotty, enough folks, just not enough tanks or healers. But what did they do in between the SSC runs? Karazhan.

First off Stormsoul got in on a group. We got through the Curator and called it a night. This was the One Tank, Two Rogue run. Anyway, last night the call came out to complete it by downing the Prince. (They’d already gone back in once before and gotten to the Prince, but did not kill the Prince.) When they mentioned the raid id# I signed back up. They were missing a healer. DROOONDA!! 🙂 “Invite Droonda. She’s a healer.” I whisper the raid leader. Droonda’s coming along too. Cool beans. This guild takes the “Tank him wherever, and move to avoid the infernals” approach. This works. (And makes marking the 30 yard person even more important.) I do like the niche better since our first shot at the Prince and upon the first enfeeble, and infernal drops on the group and kills them, a wipe. Second go we had four infernals down, but we never had to move and the Prince dropped like a rock. The Light’s Justice drops. (And some T4 helmet token for Mage, Hunter, and something.) We’ve got two Restoration Shamans along. The first rolls a 27. Droonda’s got it for sure! She rolls a 28. TWENTYEIGHT! woot. Hey, hey! The lovely Droonda, Orc Shaman Princess, has picked up a very nice healing mace.

The other Karazhan run I’d gone on was with Msaker. That’s my “Retired Tank, let me DPS now,” Fury Warrior. Who tried the “Slam Build” with Gorehowl and found it very timing intensive. “Stand still so I can whack ya!” Trouble is Astral Flares don’t listen well. So now he’s the more typical “Fury Build” with Rampage and Flurry and all the good stuff. (And with one more Karazhan run he’ll have enough badges to upgrade The Planar Edge to The Black Planar Edge. That and dagger off the Prince himself and he’s not doing too bad.) Anyway, on Msaker’s run, it was a full clear, minus the dragons, and he made it to #3 on the DPS spot. I’m okay with that, and I’m working on the upgrades to improve that. Right now I’m using the 3 pieces of the Ragesteel set, and still using the Doomplate Chestpiece. Getting the t4 gloves and helm shouldn’t be a problem. (And I might not have mentioned it, but if the guild gets 25 folks wanting to do it, Gruul’s Lair is cleared in half an hour. Stormsoul’s second raid run with them was to Gruul’s Lair where he won the t4 leggings/kilt.)

On the alts front we’re starting a crew of them on Earthen Ring. So far we’re:

Twoaxes (Tauren Warrior) with Fivefaces (Tauren Druid)

Legrim (Forsaken Rogue) with Lamort (Forsaken Warlock)

Kruel (Orc Warlock) with Oggra (Orc Warrior)

Sunblade (Blood Elf Paladin) with Loriandel (Blood Elf Mage)

Zydeco (Troll Hunter) with … someone not yet born

(Yes, I am powerless against the beginning-game in World of Warcraft, and must create Alts to breath. Happily, I’m seeing the end-game as well.)

Anyway, that’s what’s up with me at the moment.

P.S. Let me add this about my new guild. They take the “structured chaos” approach. There is no raid schedule other than “We raid 4 nights a week. Be there.” And then they mention the nights, and the times, the raiders are expected to be present ready to go. There are no more planned runs for Karazhan or the other “Tier 4” places. These just happen as filler for gearing up alts and new people. They’re very much about learning new content, and their fallback/reward is doing the instances they’re comfortable with. And their raiding times just got even better for the wife and I, being 7:30 to 11. And they’re very good about stopping at quitting time. They do play late, I’ve been there till 1 a.m. once with them, a weekend night, but their raids don’t go past quitting time.


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