How do you do Karazhan (through Curator) with one single tank?


Not with Rouge. 

With Rogues.

My new guild* didn’t have the critical mass it needed to get back into SSC last night.  I needed a few more badges, so did some others.  A Karazhan group was started.  We had one tank join the raid.  One.  I kept waiting, and waiting, for the second to show up.  Anything.  A Druid, or a Paladin, or, heck, another Warrior, at least to off-tank.  Nope.  Three Shamans, two Rogues, 1 Warrior, and everyone else wearing cloth.

I’m thinking as we start pulling Spectral Stallions, this will be tough.  No tougher than usual.  I was thinking that we’d give up on Attumen.  Nope.  Dead like the rest of those before him.  Okay, Moroes would do it.  No, we got Moroes.  We had one shackle, and lots of stunlock.  Maiden?  She’s kind of meant for one tank anyway.  Red Riding Hood Opera event?  That’s kind of a freebie.  And the Curator?  Burning down Flares is what burst DPS does well.

I was impressed.  I’m not used to raiding in Karazhan with a Rogue.  Here we had two.  It was eye opening to see how well locking down a mob can keep it out of the fight.  I’m looking forward to tonight were we clear the rest of Karazhan.  With one tank.  And Saturday back into SSC where we pick up where we left off.  (Hydross and the Lurker down.)  (Things are looking up when your first run with a new guild has you fighting Lady Vashj.  It’s a brand new fight for them too.  First try we got her into her 3rd phase and about 30% or so.  So our Tank in Karazhan has got some gear on him.)

*The new guild is on a new server for us.  We needed to get back on a server in our time zone and find folks raiding at times that would be good for us.  We did.


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One Response to How do you do Karazhan (through Curator) with one single tank?

  1. Jess says:

    Last night we tried curator with two locks, hunter, mage on the astral flares – didn’t work. It would go well the first few flares then we would end up inundated again. I’m sure it would go better if we had a rogue – was very frustrating to say the least.

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