What I like about playing a … mmmm, a … Druid NO Hunt NO Shaman, NO … .

I have a 70 Tauren Shaman. I love playing him.  I can go on raids with him, see end-game content.  It’s great.

I have a 70 Orc Warrior.  I love playing him.  Axes flying, armor plated and furious looking.  He could raid if it weren’t for the big Tauren Shaman ahead of him.

I have a 69 Night Elf Hunter.  I should love playing him.  He’s very easy to play.  Except there’s this lack of excitement.  This meaningful “coolness” factor.  Maybe I should BG more with him.

I have a 53 Night Elf Druid.  I do love playing him.  Particularly with the wife’s own Druid.  This is good, fun gameplay.  Stealth around, mangle the unsuspecting, run fast, heal, buff….  He’d be further along if it weren’t for the big Tauren Shaman ahead of him.

I’ve got a 53 Night Elf Rogue.  He was my second serious character, after the Hunter above.   He’d be further along… if it weren’t for the big Tauren Shaman ahead of him that was my third serious character.

I’ve got a 44 Human Paladin.  I really wish he wasn’t languishing like he is.  But do you see the crowd ahead of him?  And don’t forget about the crowd behind him.

I’ve got a 43 Forsaken Priest.  She went Shadow at 40, Holy at 43.  I think I like the ability to Heal.  Makes me feel … sanctimonious, but in a good way.

Alts.  I love them.  It’s really rather fun to start a new character and knock around the starter areas again.  And again.  And again.  I don’t know why.  It’s like doing level 1-10 of your favorite game over and over.  And I don’t really roleplay much.  “Getteth thee to thy trainer thou peasanths!  Forsooth, only the nooblike ones would playeth as badlyith as thouith.” Or something like that.  But I do think like a roleplayer a little in my own mind.  While only level 1 at the moment, I look forward to donning the form of Legrim, the Forsaken Rogue, and viewing the world through his angry, hooded, eyes.  I want, need, to strike fear in hearts.  (When I’m not throwing lightning bolts and heals as my Shaman.)

And I really need to recreate my Draenei Shaman.  (Warrior, Mage, and Paladin Draenei aren’t enough.)

What I like about playing (and leave it at that)?  It’s fun.


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7 Responses to What I like about playing a … mmmm, a … Druid NO Hunt NO Shaman, NO … .

  1. Game Dame says:

    Ah, Kinless, a Moo-Shammy after my own heart. I too suffer the alt-itis and yet hold the shammy closest to my heart. Thanks for breaking down all your alts. I wish I had thought of that on my similar post! Question for you: some people say that there is too much similarity between the hybrids — shammy/pally/druid. Do you agree? Why do you like the shaman better than the pally or the druid? Curious as to your opinion.

  2. alda says:

    Wow, I feel better now. While it is fun, altitis has taken a terrible toll on me and I’m thinking it’s time to slow down and focus. I simply don’t have the time anymore to do everything I want in the game and RL.

    Wish me luck with my withdrawal!

  3. dmosbon says:

    Hey Kinless am looking at the Rogue class & may even roll one very soon but there’s no way I can have that many alts & still have a life from the keyboard!

  4. Kinless says:

    Best of luck with the focusing Alda. I think I must have ADD or something. 🙂

    dm, Running every alt to 70 would take a lifetime. But supplying them with a little cash, getting a little assistance with quests, it really doesn’t matter that level they’re at to provide the entertainment from having them. Some become little more than the family relative you only see around the holidays. You still love them, but you don’t have them in your life everyday.

    Hmmm. Hybrids. Good question there Dame. So good in fact now I have a new post to write. 😉

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  6. orc shaman says:

    I very much know the feeling you describe. For me it goes –

    70 orc shaman (main, first ever character)
    70 troll priest (retired, sometimes reluctantly. Would probably be less retired if I liked trolls better)
    61 undead warrior (would like to unretire him to tank, but just don’t have the time he’d need. The second character I created)
    48 nelf hunter (Alliance main, 3rd ever character)
    45 orc warlock (retired)
    33 undead mage (AH mule)
    33 nelf druid (AH mule. Quite like the idea of druids, but I don’t really empathise with him when he’s in feral form)
    24 belf paladin (retired, too manga)
    23 orc rogue (occasional alt)
    14 orc warrior (going to level him up to 26 or so, so he can tank when I’m grouping with my stepson’s druid. Love tanking, but not enough to have a tank as my main!)

    And on a couple of over servers I have some low level human mages and dwarf warriors.

    I’d agree about the lack of excitement problem with hunters, and I find the same thing with warlocks also. You basically know that you can’t be killed, and it takes the edge away slightly. It’s nice to be in complete control of the situation with traps and a pet and good dps. But you also feel a bit distant from the action, which just isn’t the case with other ranged characters, even mages.

  7. Cheetara says:

    haha you sound like me! I have a hunter main… but I can’t help it… I have grown SO bored with her… gotta get that little priesty to 70!

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