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Two more 51’s into Alterac Valley.

I scanned the archives and back in October of 2006 Arcarius was in Alterac Valley for the first time.  There’s the picture of him with the Ice Barbed Spear and wearing the Stormpike Tabard.  It’s been so long ago, but … Continue reading

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Five years.

Pushing thru the market square so many mothers sighing News had just come over, we had five years left to cry inNews guy wept and told us earth was really dying Cried so much his face was wet then I … Continue reading

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Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Alt Number 20

Following Blackhoof’s visit to Karazhan this week, what’s there left to do? Why, of course!  It’s time to get going with some alts over on Steamwheedle. Samjin and Booka, Rogue (me) and Shaman (aka the lovely Princess Droonda.) And jump … Continue reading

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A vision of patience.

Winkydink and Darkhand, The Unbroken’s, our private guild’s, Engineering Department undertook a journey to southern Silithus where we investigated an abandoned Tauren village.  The windmill still functioned, but the house, teepee, and livestock corral were empty.  With the canoes parked … Continue reading

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Before the champagne, a little raid.

Msaker joined in as a replacement for the guild’s 2nd Karazhan run of the week.  Last night they’d gotten the Curator.  Tonight we moved on to the Prince. I’m the green Orc in the Headless Horseman’s Helm jumping.  That would … Continue reading

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