Too many days played to still be such a noob.

The home server, Kirin Tor, was down last night when I tried to log on.  Hmmm.  Lucky me I have a crew of folks over on Steamwheedle Cartel.  So does the wife.  What are two altoholics supposed to do?

Her warrior, Nehemiah, who is male and looks like a gym teacher, is level 18.  My Paladin, Shatar, is level 19.  Just a few more bars and I’ll be level 20 and ready to undertake my Paladin class quest.  Turns out he, she, had to get a few more Defias in Westfall, and that quickly earned us the experience to both get a level.  Off to the Cathedral in Stormwind City, where I hear the story about a wife left to her own devices in an increasingly dangerous land.  (While her husband idled outside of the gates of Ironforge waiting for people to happen buy.  “Dude!  The train is free and your wife is in trouble!”)  Well, heck.  that’s why we’re heroes, and they’re NPCs.  We go to Westfall, rescue her (hurray for folks just idling in the area!), and get sent to talk to her husband.  There I pick up the quest to get the materials together for some kind of awesome hammer.  Materials found in the Deadmines, outside Blackfathom Deeps, in Loch Modan, and inside Shadowfang Keep.

Nehemiah has gone to Redridge (Rock Ridge.  Rock Ridge. Slendid.  Splendid.) where I join up with him.  Her.  And we proceed to kill the big boar.  Bellygrub.  Level 24.  She’s 19, and I’m 20.  It was amusing fight.

Anyway, it’s gotten late and she logs off.  I make my way back to Westfall.  I go to the mines and see who’s in the Looking for Group Channel.  If you can believe it: Warrior, Priest, Warlock, and Hunter.  That’s all, and that’s enough!  I quickly get the group together and we enter.  It worked out great.  At least until we got to Mr. Smite and the Warrior wanted to log.  By then the Warlock had already “Needed” the blue sword off Mr. Smite and that meant I was done too.  As I stood in the Inn in Stormwind City, I see in party chat, already short the Warrior, “Let’s see if Cookie has anything.”  That would be the Warlock.  I leave group.  No harm done in that I’d gotten the wood off the Woodcutters I needed out of there.  Then I made my way out to Kalimdor and entered the tunnels in search of the Naga Priestesses that could drop the Kor Gem I needed.  A few traverses of the tunnels and I realized this would not be trivial.  (No matter that everyone who commented on WoWhead got the gem their first try, and then solo’d Black Temple afterwards.)

Here’s where I learned a powerful little strength I hadn’t really messed around with on Honorus, my level 40-something Human Pally on Kirin Tor.  Exorcism.  It was really kind of cool to pull the Satyrs and then get to the Naga casters.  But it’s more than just a pull, isn’t it?  I’d occasionally get two on me.  A Priestess casting, and a Satyr melee.  One particularly close call I was about to go down.  So I cast Exorcism on the Satyr and killed it.  Then I did a Hand of Justice on the Naga and stunned her, then killed her.  I was so used to pulling with Exorcism to that point I was treating it like the Druids Faery Fire.  It’s a lot more than that.  (Honorus and Effilda plan to make good use of that in their cleansing of the Plaguelands.)

The next time Shatar comes back to play, he’ll collect the gem, collect the ore shipment in Loch Modan, and with some clever grouping, get the hammer out of Shadowfang Keep with Nehemiah’s help.  (It doesn’t hurt I have a level 40 Warrior on the server either.  🙂 )


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2 Responses to Too many days played to still be such a noob.

  1. Mindkiller says:

    On that pally quest…make sure you pick up the side/connected quest FOR the gem. With out it activated the gem WILL NOT drop. I dont think the quest descript says it…I went from 20-21 before I went and researced why I wasn’t getting it. Had to go get that quest and after 3 kills it drops.

    I had spent 2 1/2 hours killing back and forth in that cave. At level 20. I ended up getting all that mats and dingin 22 at the completion.

    Bad ass mace though, I slapped crusader on it and still have it in the bank on my 70.

  2. Kinless says:

    Doh! I’ll have to research that too. I was wondering why there was two different gems. Now I know. Thanks!

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