Endless rage.

So there I was, in the Blasted Lands, killing a Servant of Razelikh. Well, if you know the guys, you never kill them directly. You attack them until they fade, then you destroy their crystal. But until you destroy their crystal they’ll be an endless punching bag. What was I up to? Leveling up dagger skills. From 250 to 345 in the three sessions I had with them. Last session I rode to Stonard to buy a second dagger, in case the off-hand offered skill ups too. I’m Fury now and there’s an ability called Bloodthirst. It hits, hard, 1757 you’ll see in the screenshot below, and restores 150 health. Woopdeedoo. Except when your opponent isn’t really hurting you, Demoralizing Shout, and you can hit Bloodthirst every six seconds, eventually I had endless rage, and I managed to get my health back up to 100%. It wound up becoming this zen experience. Eventually, with the dagger skill up, and me at my theoritical max DPS, I let him off the hook by running away. (Too bad you can’t kite them to Stormwind City anymore.)


P.S. What was funny was that a 68 Draenei Shaman was going to town on a servant of his own. Leveling up the two-handed mace he was holding. (I swear, all Alliance Shamans are Enhancement!)


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4 Responses to Endless rage.

  1. Game Dame says:

    Funny story about that quest. When I first encountered one of those servant dudes, I was with another Shammy friend of mine (me = elemental, him = enhancement, both Horde). We didn’t know anything about the quest yet, just out killing scorpions and the like. Well, Bubbajuju starts wailing on one of these guys and gets him down to 1 HP. He starts typing, “WTF? This mob is bugged! I can’t get him to die, but he keeps bonking me!” I figure all this mob needs is a little Elemental Precision + Earth Shock and he’ll be right fried up so I head over to help Bubba. So now we’re both wailing on this guy and he’s still at 1 HP and still taking our own HP. We have NO idea what’s going on. I say to Bubba, “Run away, maybe it’s stuck in a loop.” Of course, that didn’t help. So we break off the fight and shrug it off to bugginess. Next day, we’re out in the Blasted Lands again and some lower level undead guy asks us to help him with a quest, which he shares. Did we actually READ the quest? HA! Noooo. So we’re over by that little house where the servants hang out and we help this guy by taking one on together. Same result: whack, whack, 1 HP, no death. Then the little undead guy goes and gets the crystal and the servant disappears. Very few times over level 50 have I felt that stupid.

  2. I actually killed one last week. I’d hit 70 and bought my new level 70 rare mace and needed to level it up, oh, about 125 points. I started whacking away with that mace and a green off-hand mace, only to kill him in about 5 seconds after he went into that very low health state. What a letdown!

    Go ahead, try it again. I will, because now I’m curious. I’ll record it this time.

  3. Kinless says:

    I’m very certain you can’t kill him. Because I was *really* laying into him. 1700 Bloodthirst hits time and time again.

    Now while I was working him, some human warrior came up and was attacking him too. I guess he was wondering what was going on, or he was trying to help, or he was trying to level up his weapon.

    But then it seemed the human got bored and went away. Me, I was just concentraing on the servant.

    And then, all of a sudden, the servant died.

    What happened?

    This happened twice to me.

    Turns out both times somebody came through on the quest, saw the servant otherwise engaged, and got the crystal. Heh.

  4. Ahhh… there was someone else in the area. Sneaky son of a gun! Easy quest completion: check! That explains what happened perfectly, because it was after he faded.

    Here I was thinking I was more uber than Kinless! 🙂

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