Uphill, in the snow, both ways.

Was wondering what I had in way of screenshots of interest.

Trouble is I had a harddrive crash on me recently.  Lost everything.  Everything, that is, except what was on my laptop.  I routinely transfer over all my music and My Documents stuff, and my geneaology database, so didn’t lose anything that I can’t replace.  Except the screenshots from World of Warcraft.  Except I have some on the laptop as well, from way back.  Not ALLLL the way back, but a few still.  And some current ones.

Msaker, then.


I think these are non-elite now.  Back when they were elite, this was kind of like exercise.

Msaker, now.


This is me with Gorehowl and the Maiden.  I never got the “Slam Build” (See Altosis’ article on it) to work for me.  An old man’s reflexes I guess.   Now I’m the “Rogue in Plate” Fury build.

Perusing the old screenshots, I found this gem.  It’s a favorite of mine.


This is a picture of 40 ghosts streaming back into the Molten Core for another shot at a boss.  Man, those were the days!


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One Response to Uphill, in the snow, both ways.

  1. sean says:

    Yes, the run and drop into the firey chasm of MC…oh, those were the days eh? heh

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