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Play them, and they will level.

The Druids came out of their Emerald Dream for a bit this weekend, slaying Trolls down in Tanaris, and reaching the heady new level of 49.  They also rescued Sharpbeak, which offered some real nice leather pants (real nice) as … Continue reading

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Why do *I* blog? Kant, Nagel, and Nat Pagel.

DM Osbon asked “Why do you blog?” He blogs because he loves writing. I blog because I love ranting.  Oh, I do it for the love of writing as well.  The unposted drafts attest to that, or to rants gone … Continue reading

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I am Data

With all the high-flying engineering contraptions in Azeroth today, I guess it’s okay to ask “What Sci-Fi character are you most like?” If you don’t know yourself, take the test.   Me?  I tested out as Data of Star Trek.  … Continue reading

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A fun little night. I am the new King of the Ogres, apparently. :)

Blackhoof has been getting my attention lately.  One thing I’d been needing to get done was the “attunement” for the Ogri’la quests. While the mains of the guild were tearing Karazhan a new one a few of us were looking … Continue reading

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WotLK Hairstyles. #1 to be the Mohawk.

Has anyone else considered that the Mohawk will be introduced in the expansion as a new hairstyle choice?  We’re getting to change our hairstyles, they’ve told us that.  Will one of them be this? I’ve been seeing that Mr. T … Continue reading

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