Humor is dead. :) Happy New Years everyone.

Went to the bank in Stormwind City. Found this guy on the steps.


His name? “Dohwrongbank”.

Maybe it was a lot of fest beer going around the market square, but I thought this was pretty good.

The wife did too. Oddly, however, she did not think “Anticipation” was a good name for a Dwarf Rogue.

Anyway, Happy New Years to all you guys.

P.S. Can any WordPress bloggers tell me how to do images easily in the basic wordpress blog setup?  Where I can show a scaled down version that folks can click on for the full size?  I’ve seen one suggestion where I’d need to edit the html.  That’s just too much work.  There must be an easier way, surely.  Thanks.  🙂


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3 Responses to Humor is dead. :) Happy New Years everyone.

  1. Kestrel says:

    Hmm…I don’t use the basic WP editor anymore (there are a couple good ones out there for free, but I paid for my editor)…anyway…

    However, when you upload a graphic, or select one that’s already uploaded, you get the choice of showing as a thumbnail, full size, or just the title (which must be clicked to see the pic). Selecting a thumbnail will show just that in your blog entry; clicking it will give the full-size picture.

    What’s happening for you?

  2. Kinless says:

    I guess I was wanting a larger thumbnail, so I skipped that option and just put the full size up, but shrunk to where I can see what I want. I’ll have to fiddle with it some I guess.

  3. dmosbon says:

    Happy New Year!…*hick*

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