“I like the green,” she says.

“But the red one looks bad ass.”


And the festive, “For the Horde,” red one it was.

After shaking down all her characters, and me shaking down all of mine, we put together the 5,200 required for lessons and mount for Droonda. She’s blown away by the blistering speed. And we’ve both started the Ally of the Netherwing daily quests now.

I remember way back when just getting the normal flying lessons was such a big expense. Now, some months later (a lot, I guess) here we are, both of us on swift flying mounts. We’re sooo ready for the expansion pack. (Other than she getting leatherworking to 375, and me getting my blacksmithing to 375 (371 now!), we’re ready in every way for the next expansion.)

Now it’s back to the dailys, to grind out another 5,200 for Blackhoof this time. 🙂 The game keeps delivering.


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One Response to “I like the green,” she says.

  1. Ratshag says:

    Red windrider For The Win! WhooHoo!

    Now y’all needs netherwingies …

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