Bear with me.

The wife and I really wanted to get through Maraudon. So we saw what we could do alone.

We did pretty good. Got four out of the six quests done, actually.

We got all the gems off the Kahns, and made the Pariah happy.

We healed all the Vylestem Vines.

We collected enough Theradic Crystal Carvings. And we easily got all the Shadowshards.

The first attempt at the Fifth Kahn, inside the Orange Side, did not go well. The second attempt we stealthed only half as far in and found him.

Now my wife, she’s got the tank thing down pretty good. It might not be clear in the screenshot, but she’s got 4,000 Bear health to my 1,900 Cat health. The Fifth Kahn we finished off with two Celebrian Dryad’s waling on us as well.

Now perhaps we got a little greedy. We attempted Razorlash on our own as well. He’s an actual boss. Sadly, he’s got this stacking debuff that really winds up putting the hurt on a person. My failure was not using rebirth once she’d fallen. Perhaps with a refreshed Bear tanking we might have made it. This was our first deep foray into an instance like this. And I must say it went well.



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