My name is MinMax. I play a number. What’s your game?

Rephrasing something I saw somewhere:  “With the new leggings and a +12 stats enchant, my unbuffed statline is now 1936 ap, 27% crit, and 251 (16%) hit. I can swap out gear and self buff to get my hit up to about 304 (19%), which theoretically leaves me (with talents) at 4% chance to miss. I’d say thats pretty accurate, at least as accurate as the spreadsheet I’ve developed will make it, as my damage meter usually shows my melee misses to come either just under or just over 4% total. If I group with a druid spec with improved faerie fire, I could drop that number to just about 1%, which would prompt me to regem some stuff so that I could max out my cap for raids.”

Oh, I’m sorry, are you wondering what Class?  No? Then you’re an accountant.  You might be gaming the system, but does that make you a gamer?  Sounds more like a job.

Is Blizzard designing content for accountants and math majors and numbers crunchers?

I.E. are we forced to consider whether or not there is sufficient mana in the proprosed group to expend on healing, to have sufficient up-time for DPS output, a function of rage generation, energy generation, mana pools, and mana regen, and leet gear, to include the best lewtz, to overcome the encounter’s target’s health, before that target’s damage output overcomes the health numbers of the DPSers and then the Healers? 

Can someone just /yell “Leroy Jenkins” already and get back to having some fun with that chicken?

Is WoW End-Game nothing more than application of numbers (i.e. the players stats combined with application of his abilities, in conjunction with those in his party) against another set of numbers (the bosses stats and his application of his own abilities)?

William Shatner plays a Shaman.  What are you playing?  A set of numbers maintained on a server someplace accessed via cable or fiber, viewed on display devices, manipulated by interface devices?  My name is MinMax.  I play a number.  What’s your game?


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One Response to My name is MinMax. I play a number. What’s your game?

  1. Anna says:

    Well, I find it extraordinarily interesting.Good luck to all of you. And I’m sure you’ll do fine. Really. Just fine.

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