Them?  These dead bodies, suspended from, or anchored down by, chains that course back and forth across the room?  Or us?  The two sole living, breathing, in our fashion, Forsaken that swam among them?


You know where sinners wind up?  Criminals tossed into the Well of the Forgotten?


The Pit of Criminals.

Methinks we’re lucky that nobody was home. 

No boss, though plenty of room for plenty of them.


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2 Responses to Sinners.

  1. Game Dame says:

    Ew! Where did you take this snap?

  2. Kinless says:

    Under Karazhan, or rather, under a crypt just outside of Medivh’s Tower. (I’m not sure if it’s spatially under the tower.)

    We’re both level 40 characters, and the nearby mobs are level 70. Bad news.

    So, we had each other’s level 70 character escort the other’s level 40 there. (However, Elemental Shamans are terrible against mobs that can kick, interrupt, spells at will. If I wasn’t healing she’d have died. My Arms Warrior was eating them for lunch.)

    It’s the cemetery where folks resurrect if killed in the area. There is a crypt with stairs leading down to a gate, through which you can clearly see the crypts extend further. If you have a minion, or a pet (I imagine), they’ll pass through this gate no problem. But you can’t.

    You can’t die and ressurect on the other side. Hellfire won’t work for a Warlock.

    Someone on the other side can’t bring someone else to life on their side either. My Priest couldn’t resurrect the now dead Warlock. (Line of sight issue, though in plain sight other than the bars)

    It’s impassible! Or is it?

    Her Warlock and my Warrior have an ability in common. We stage two duels.

    First one, her Warlock targets me, the Priest, (yes, but Darbanville was too good a name to not use), and feared me through.

    I logged back on my Warrior, now in the second duel, target her imp, and cast intimidating shout. Her imp is locked down, cowering, but she, her Warlock, is feared through the gate.

    Voila! Both of us are behind the gate. And free to explore one of the creepier places in the World of Warcraft.

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