Next expansion, we shall be as Gods! But will our bandaids will still suck?

Lost in the Grind has a blogroll link to Dark London where I found a post that included a screenshot from a Molten Core raid. They’re at Lucifron. I looked at the health amounts and just had to chuckle. The Warriors have 6200 and 6300 health, tops. I remember getting Msaker his full set of rare PvP gear. Fully enchanted with the best I could get, I think I topped 8,000 health. The PvP gear having a lot more Stamina on it. Wow. I think Druids were posting screenshots showing off 10,000+ health. This was the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius indeed.

At 70, 10 levels later, Msaker’s got 12000 health. He’s Protection, with Tanking Gear. it drops to 9k when he’s in “DPS” gear. I’m sure I’m missing some enchants. With the proper gear I’d be up at 16000 health. Druids are topping 20,000 health.

And don’t think being in nearly full DS3 with some Kara gear, and 12k health, is good enough. It isn’t. It’s not even a start for Zul’Aman. So obviously 16k isn’t an unreasonable expectation, in Blizzard’s eyes. (Blizzard is, after all, spending a lot of design effort catering to the 16k+ Warriors. They must figure that’s the standard.)

And, my point, effectively, we’ve managed to double our health in a mere 10 levels.

And with the next expansion, we should be seeing it double again? Warriors with 32k and Druids with 40k?

Hey, it’s already gotten past the point of ridiculousness now, hasn’t it? I mean I go on a bombing run in Ogri’la. I’m knocked out of the sky. I don’t lose X health. I lose a percentage of my health in the fall. To get back in business I have to drink a potion, Super Healing Potion, 1500-2500 healed, 2 minute cooldown, and use a heavy netherweave bandage, 3400 damage healed, 2 minuted cooldown, and I get back 3900-5900 health. I’m still down 8110-6100 health, my means to heal myself are both on cooldown, and I’m without a healer. With demons bearing down on me, and to mount up and fly means I’ve got the flack to contend with again. That’s just broken. We need Super Heavy Netherweave Bandages, and better Healing Potions, or shorter cooldowns on both.

I can see that shorter cooldowns would allow bandages to be spammed and then anyone could mimic the ability of a healer to heal, so that’s out. So give me bandages that heal a percentage of my health. I want the bandage that will heal 100% of my health. Then again, that would be pretty magical too.

Bandages haven’t scaled with our health. Potions haven’t scaled with our health.

Oh, we’ll be Godlike at 80, just don’t scratch us.


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One Response to Next expansion, we shall be as Gods! But will our bandaids will still suck?

  1. Kestrel says:

    Amen, brother. I bandaged my priest the other day (I think I was doing the Skyguard daily). I had to look to be sure I wasn’t DOTted or had been hit during the bandaging.

    And that’s a PRIEST! (WITH Fortitude on, btw.)

    “Death by papercut” indeed…except it’ll only take one. 😦

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