Totally uncool beans.

The Guild Leader of my guild just got his account hacked.  The criminal made off with the guild bank, all his gear, and /gkicked and /demoted some folks.  This apparently happened sometime last night.

Priestly Endeavors has a post about exactly this kind of event occuring to someone else, and some further links.

Doing some research I also found a forum post by a player named Skee.

I’m going to repeat his Suggestions, Fortifications, and Tips & Tricks right now.  You might want to look into this.

Suggestions1: Use Firefox and stop using Internet Explorer. Really, its an internet browser that is made out of win ,while IE is easy to manipulate due to its Bug loops, that keylogging sites can/ and will use to install one to your computer.

2: Install BlockSite , an Firefox addon ( ).

Blocksite prevents certain domains from loading and its very easy to configure. For example,to prevent all “.cn ” domains, you enter ” *.cn ” in the Blacklist. The symbol ” * ” means that Blocklist will block all sites that are .cn .

3: Install KeyScrambler . ( .

KeyScrambler encrypts whatever you type in Websites ,although it doesn’t work while in Games , but it helps in General when accessing Websites that are not protected.

4: No Script! ( ) Whoever doesn’t use that , is really missing out a lot!

Noscript is one of the addons on the internet, that makes website browsing safe! It Disables all scripts on the site you visit, thus disabling all Viruses,spyware and keyloggers entering infecting your computer through Flash/Scripts.

5: WOT (

Wot protects you from Phishing Websites through *Ratting” given by the visitors. If you want to be safer,you can enable an option that, upon entering a dangerous website,it will change the whole page’s color to Red and State that its dangerous! (It wont let you Enter).


3)Safe internet browser (as stated above)
4)Logic aka *Using Brain properly*.
5)Registry Optimizer
6)Keylogging Tricks! (Must Read)

1) People tend to think that Keyloggers are plain scripts writen to Keep account of what is being typed under special events. For example, under the event of me, the owner , opening WoW. Thats when the keylogger will start to function and until then it stays out of sight(Undetected).That happends due to the keyloggers wanting only your Account and password , instead of your MSN account or hotmail.(in the case of WoW), But lets not forget that since it infects and its malicious,then it falls in the Virus/Malware category. Hence the “WoWpw.backdoor” ,”PWstealer.trojan32″ etc. So don’t go looking for Anti Keylogger programs when you can use some Proper Anti Virus software.

Remember just because a Anti Virus software is made by a very well known company/ or is expensive,doesn’t mean its Good and effective.

Norton which is known for Good Antivirus programs has failed me a lot of times, and my System is up to date with everything.And its not only me,ask around the internet, people are starting to use other Anti Virus products that are far more Effective.

AVG is an antivirus that is just as effective as others,and you can use the free edition.The only think that is lacks, is the Good looking UI,but we dont want that,we want it to find the keylogger!

If you prefer to use products from well known companies,then Panda,Norton and Macafee are for you!

2) Keyloggers are also seen as spyware since it steals documents/ keeps an eye for things it shouldn’t.
One of the best is Spybot Search and Destroy, hands down!Make sure its always Updated!

3)Browsers are all above. 🙂

4) Using your brain when searching and surfing the net,and the WoW Forums is very important,actually by using it all the time and staying in alarm, you will avoid all the dodgy links like the <insert wierd keylogging site>

5) ASO, also known as Advanced System Optimizer by Systweak, is a program that does everything! It can scan your registry for modifications/flaws, scan your system for malware and even repair/delete junk,its very useful and by using ASO you can find changed registry data that has to do with the keylogger.

6) Last but not least, the *tricks of the trade*.

a)Never Ever click on links that redirect. The links that redirect have the word “redir” in the Url.

b)Do not trust links from Tìny Url . That site takes the original url and names makes it smaller, but the thing is,that you don’t know the original name of the site. The site could be one that has keyloggers.

c) Don’t log onto World of Warcraft forums that dont start/ dont have to do with ”,” and the others ones of the other countries! Sites like
http://000.000.0000.00post.html?forumId=10001&postId=16400481355&op=2&sid=1 should not be trusted.(The website that has been posted isn’t a true/valid one and it doesn’t lead anywhere. Common sense since its all consisted of Zeros ( 0 ) instead of an IP. So In before the *Keylogger* statement)
But do keep in mind,that sometimes the cache bugs and instead of showing “wow-europe”,it will show an IP when logging to the Warcraft forums.Many people call those sites *phishing sites* but it may just be your PCs fault. To be sure before clicking, insert the IP in the following site ( ) . If its Blizzards website, it will say so ” Blizzard Entertainment etc”.

Browser Security Scanning: It has been proven that by having IE with enabled active X, even without using IE , makes your system vulnerable so disabling and adjusting options that have to do with 3rd programs and Active X is a must. This website offers that kind of service. When you start the Test it find security Flaws and lets you know how to fix them. Recommended!

I hope that i have been of help in this Topic of mine. I would like to see this topic turn into a sicky,so if you liked it please take the time of reporting it as a sticky.

This guide was writen as a sole purpose to inform and help out victims of Keyloggers.

Kind Regards, Skee.

Thanks so much Skee.

Folks, this happens.  Be safe, play happy.


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3 Responses to Totally uncool beans.

  1. Ric says:

    It doesn’t even have to be YOUR PC that’s infected. If you make it a habit of logging into your account from other players’ PCs, you’re totally at the mercy of whatever malicious crap may be on them.

    If you’re entering account information to access the guild bank via The Armory from a third party’s or public access PC, you’re also exposing your account.

    Personally, I have WoW remember my user name and I cut & paste my account password — which, itself, is a process I really do make entirely too stupidly complicated. (I blame my cryptologic Intel background, a whole lot of geekiness, and a dash of pure paranoia.)

    I’m running all of the security apps you mentioned and then a couple more arguably redundant ones, but I need to look at some of those other Firefox addons that I’m not using yet.

    Is my system secure? Not on your life! I’m just a half-step ahead of the lazy thieves.

    By the way, Kinless, I’m glad you switched to a blog I can reach from work — seeing as we’re both stuck behind the same firewall and filters. 😉

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