The Elementalist.


Last night was Blackhoof’s first time to Karazhan. Literally the first time he’s stepped through the door and entered the place. Msaker, my Protection Warrior, has been a couple of times, and has seen the Prince killed. Last night was Blackhoof’s time.

The raid started forming up. We’ve got like 4 Shamans going. Two are Restoration, two are Elemental, me included. Obviously somebody had to sit the raid out. The Raid Leader asks the questions. Moments of pause. I whisper the RL “This is my first time, I’m kind of excited about the run. Besides I really need to pick up 2 more badges.” That’s about when the other Elemental Shammy said, “Okay, I’ll drop.” The Raid leader tells him, “You get first shot next time. Why don’t you bring your DPS Warrior along instead?” Which he did. So, that player gets to go to Karazhan anyway. (And wound up collecting more weapons for his collection.)

Anyway, the run consisted of Attumen, Moroes, the Maiden, the Opera Event (Big Bad Wolf), Nightbane, and we finished at the Curator. (They’ve done full clears in 4-5 hours, but this run was a new guy Main Tanking (Pally) so we ran a little slower. But not a bad run whatsoever. There were, maybe, 4-5 deaths total. Every boss one-shotted.)

As the Elemental Shaman I held the #3 spot for Damage through out the first four events. I was occasionally in the #2 spot. But once we got to Nightbane and the Curator I’d dropped to #4/#5, tied there with the Hunter. #1 spot was taken by a Rogue in full epics. #2/#3 was our off-tank Raid Leader Feral Druid, also in full epics, who spent most of his time in Cat form DPSing while the Pally tanked. The final #3 was the DPS Warrior (in about half epics, a piece of Tier 4, and Ragesteel).

So I place in the top 3, then 4th place, for half of Karazhan. Where should I be? I’ve gotten a couple epics now, like the Kilt and my bracers, but I’m still wearing a cool looking, but only a blue item, +Healing shoulders out of a Heroic (Mantle of the Sea Wolf) that now includes +Spell Damage. They’re the best I can get my hands on at the moment, and they have good mana regen on them. I’m still wearing green, quest reward, boots. And I place pretty highly up there on the Damage output chart. (And the DPS amount was 610+ or so.) And I can heal, cleanse, and interrupt heals (in the Moroes event). I’m pretty pleased with my performance.

The half run netted me the badges I needed to go and buy the [Mazthoril Honor Shield] which I promptly got a +12 Intellect enchant put on it. It’s a pretty good Elementalist shield. Otherwise, no Karazhan loot. (Not that there’s much in Karazhan for an Elemental Shaman anyway. My next upgrades are all found in Heroics.) But maybe tonight when we finish the run and kill the Prince, and perhaps Netherspite, maybe Lady Luck will smile a bit on this Tauren Shaman.

P.S. Second night and we cleared it all.  Blackhoof end the 2nd night out in the #3 spot on the Damage chart, reaching that during the last fight of the night, the Prince fight.  Nothing the first day, but the second day found me winning some epic caster trinkets, some epic enhancement gear, an epic caster cloak.  So much so that I was feeling a little guilty that I was getting that much stuff.  I don’t really *need* the enhancement type gear at the moment, but it’s better than sharding the stuff, and I’ll be leveling up soon enough again, and I might want to do it dual wielding.


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3 Responses to The Elementalist.

  1. Tomas says:

    Okay – so I have to ask – are there any ehancement shaman in your Kara groups? As I understand it, enhance shammy do *great* damage and can seriously buff a raids dps team – but that they tend to get left out of raids.

    Why? Due to their lack of CC.

    My Shaman dinged 64 last night and despite a lackluster guild and tough times finding even the most reasonable of instance runs groups, I’ve found that I *love* the class and love being enhancement.

    My one fear is that as I near 70 and start (for the first damn time) thinking about progression, that I’m going to have to put my hammers up and put on a dress…(sorry…kilt) and play heal-bot.

    What do you think?

  2. Kinless says:

    I look at the gear on Draenei Shamans and see the Alliance have no pre-concieved notion on how a Shaman is supposed to spec for raiding. I’ve also now noticed Horde Shamans dual wielding the Decapitator that drops off the Prince. Dual wielding those! I think perspectives on what Shamans should do is changing, and that guilds are raiding with Shamans of all specs. (Which is good news for folks hesitant to become healbots.)

    Our own guild has 3 Resto Shamans, 2 Elemental, and 1 Enhancement now. I haven’t seen the Enhancement in action yet. I’ll assume they’ll take him or me as DPS. I can offer ranged, he can offer burst, might be situational.

    And having a good +Healing set I can still be the main healer in a run with a modicum of self healing possible (Warlocks, Shadow Priest, etc.) and a decent Tank.

    Keep your Hammers out, but do consider you’ll need to get the armor that goes along with them. Desolation would be the set you’re after, and that drops mostly in Heroics. Otherwise you’ll be wanting blue +Attack Power and +To Hit items.

    You also need to be with a guild that can afford your choice of spec. I.e. that they can make use of it, and not be so limited that they must run with a set group/set specs or not succeed.

    If you want to go DPS, go for it, but be good at it. And always carry a healing set. You’re making up for lack of Crowd Control, so you’ve got to be better still, and offer up utility.

  3. Tomas says:

    Yeah – I played a druid too long to not be used to having 2-3 sets of armor in my bags. I’m slowly building up a basic “caster” set that is healing specific. Since Bliz seems to want Shaman to be elemental or resto (at least as far as I can tell from the shaman specific loot drops I’ve seen so far) this isn’t too hard. For enhancement gear – a good mix of STR and AP stacking with rings/necklace/gems to help both and to aid in +hit are the direction I’ve been going.

    So far my dps work has been fairly good. With a mix of outland greens and pvp purples I easily beat similarly geared and leveled mages, locks, and hunters. I haven’t competed with a rogue yet (amazingly enough) – so that will be telling. The only time I couldn’t keep up was against an orc marksman hunter that was geared in *full* pre-bc epic gear complete with that outstanding purple staff/bow thingy from the epic hunter quest. He beat me at the end of one Blood Furnace run by about 8k worth of damage. The only differences were that he was *constantly* ripping aggro away from the tank and I *never* do that. I’ve tanked too much in the past to not work out where I’m at threat-wise in my attack mix.

    I’m not sold on being 100% enhancement dps – it’s just a nice change of pace if nothing else. Resto seems to be the way to go for Shaman doing arena’s – and raid spots are almost a done deal for those with the flowery healing kilts. So we’ll see.

    The far harder bit will be your point about finding a guild that is strong enough and flexible enough to have a raid spot for me. At the moment I’m shopping. The current guild I’m in is full of good people – but it’s impossible to get enough of them off their alts to run a simple Outland 5-man – much less hope that they’ll get it together to eventually run heroics/kara.

    Moon Guard (where I am now) is still pretty small – and only one guild has gotten anywhere of note in progression. (Sanctum Patria) They’re serious raiders though and you don’t apply until you’re 70, already self keyed, and packing the best of the best of the best of the best gear/enchants/gems.

    Then you still might not get in 😉

    So I’m fighting the good fight and being a good hybrid. We’ll see if I can actually find a place to consistently get instance runs 3-4 nights a week and progress from there. Expect to hear some grumbling from *that* venue next >_<

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