Why do *I* blog? Kant, Nagel, and Nat Pagel.

DM Osbon asked “Why do you blog?”

He blogs because he loves writing.

I blog because I love ranting.  Oh, I do it for the love of writing as well.  The unposted drafts attest to that, or to rants gone awry not fit to live.

When you write, do you read, and reread, mentally speaking the words out in your mind, or out loud even?  I do.  Writing is like an art.  Well, pause, it is an art.  It’s much improved actually being spoken out loud, where you can insert pauses where you want, for flow, dramatic effect, etc.  If I were a poet and published I’d imagine those readings in, say, Borders Bookstore in their coffee shop, would be a great venue, if I didn’t dislike public speaking, to share my poems verbally.  One thing you can’t impart on typed text is inflection.  Not to a great extent anyway.  Well, not when you’re trying to get something onto the page quickly.

Boy, did I just travel out on a tangent there?  Time to hearthstone back to the point.  (A WoW reference!  My post is done.)

Wait, wait (spoken slowly).  I was getting to the point that writing, and verbalizing the writing, can produce art in that the language and words will flow like a musical tune.  Whether I’m discussing Kant, Nagel, or Nat Pagel.

So, hearthstone spell cast, the leaves of green magic fading away, the point was I blog too because I enjoy writing.

But would I blog if I knew *nobody* was reading?  Perhaps.  It’s a diary of sorts.  But having readers, getting reactions, it’s like making acquaintences in a coffee shop that I regularly frequent and I get some joy running into them now and then.  “Hey!  How’s it going?  What are you reading there?  Nice.  Cool.  Catch you later.”

I blog to write.  I blog to interact.  I blog because I read blogs.

“Hey!  How’s it going?  Why do you blog?”

P.S. I was trying to use “Kant, Hagal, and Pagel” but couldn’t find “Hagal” in a lookup.  It was actually “Hegel” that I was after.  Another German philosopher that rhymes with Nat Pagel.

Nagal is actually an American philosopher of science, so that works.  (By chance.)

And both rhyme with Pagel.  The original cant was Kant, Hegel, and Nat Pagel.

And then there’s Patrick Nagel, and he’s an artistConnections!

P.P.S. And every now and then I hope I’ve offered up some amusement or info my readers would not have gotten otherwise.

P.P.P.S. What is the origin of Nat Pagel’s name?  What was Blizzard referring to?  Patrick Nagel here?


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4 Responses to Why do *I* blog? Kant, Nagel, and Nat Pagel.

  1. Gitr says:

    Hey, Kinless!

    Not a chance in the world would I keep blogging like I do if I knew no one was reading it. It’s too much effort. Sure, I’d probably keep a running log of when I dinged and other milestones, but I sure as heck wouldn’t be writing guides and giving tips.

    That would be insane. 🙂

  2. dmosbon says:

    I like the challenge of low readership but I don’t let it effect what I write about otherwise I could easily start a TR only blog or WoW blog for that matter which would narrow readership but also bring in readers quicker.

    Thanks for linking Kinless…it’s all about make connections!

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  4. staynightsea says:

    every then did their names magnificent snapping sour, visit having a pair

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