A fun little night. I am the new King of the Ogres, apparently. :)

Blackhoof has been getting my attention lately.  One thing I’d been needing to get done was the “attunement” for the Ogri’la quests.

While the mains of the guild were tearing Karazhan a new one a few of us were looking for something meaningful to do.  Blackhoof needed to get those quests knocked out to get to Ogre Heaven.  Could I find a tank, dps, and a healer?  Yes, on all accounts.  Excellent.  Our Tank was learning the tanking ropes, the Rogue was from a Gruul raiding guild (and an old friend of the wife and mine) and now with us, an Arms Warrior that’s tanked for us, and well, and a Holy/Disc Priest.  Oh, and me, Blackhoof, Elemental Shaman.

We started this for a few with their first visit to the Ogre seated down in the Trade Market in the Lower City of Shattrath.  He sent us to visit another Ogre in Blades Edge Mountains.  (I’ll skip the names since I’ll just get them wrong.) Mad’dog the Wizened or something like that!  🙂

Now all of us that could be on the quests (we had 4 of us on one of the parts).  And we melted the first three Ogres faces.  All of us are 70’s and mounted, so finding these guys and getting to them was easy.  We’re like the Army Rangers.  “Death from above!”  So, one by one, the son’s of Gruul fell to us, and we collected souvenirs.

Then we summon the fifth son, and we remember to run back to our circles to stop his growth.   And with the 5th son’s book in hand we bring out the last son of Gruul, Skulloc.  The ghosts were easily handled until they got too many, and then they had to deal with Mr. Earth Elemental.  Eventually we got the last Son summoned, and we killed him.  Then we killed the remaining ghosts.  In the course of killing these five sons we had one single death.

I really got a kick out of doing this as well.  I was the leader of the group, and we nailed this quickly and effeciently.  (I was honored when one of them whispered “Why aren’t you higher ranked in the guild?” I.e. the rank that leads groups in the instances.)  It was like Christmas morning when they flew up with me to Ogri’la, and hearing their reactions in Vent.  That was cool.  I ran them through the paces a bit, getting them the quests that got them the quests that got them a few new dailys to do.  (Msaker having done all this already I had an advantage.)  And then I called it a night.  The Karazhan group did well, I’m sure.  But we had a blast ourselves.


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2 Responses to A fun little night. I am the new King of the Ogres, apparently. :)

  1. Doeg says:

    You are to be commended!
    When I tried this it was a wipe-fest!
    (We did manage to complete it though.)

  2. ratshag says:

    Hail the new king(s)! Job well done. I tagged along with a 20-man raid when I became king, so the fights was over before I had time to even process what we was doing.

    Remember that one of the fringe benefits of being king is all the ogres in Blades Edge is neutral to you now, unless you start a fight.

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