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First impressions of 2.3

The wife was pretty excited about the whole deal when I got home.  She mentioned things in the patch notes she’d never even heard of or known about.  Our first order of business, after printing out the 24 pages of … Continue reading

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I’ll file this under rants, or why my Shaman is the way he is.

My Shaman leveled up as Enhancement, and went Resto to raid in Molten Core and BWL.  When it came time to level up again, he went Enhancement again. Reaching 70 he had a choice.  Heal or Cast.  I already played … Continue reading

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When the easiest thing to do is win, then win already. Rampage Battlegroup Horde is coming back.

Horde’s been on a roll lately in Alterac Valley.  I’ve yet to lose since the implementation of the anti-afk patch. It was the easiest way to gain honor in battle grounds, prior to the anti-afk patch.  That would be sitting in the … Continue reading

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Heroics wrong, Heroics right. CC, crowd control, is king.

The guild I’m in has this litmus test for joining them in Karazhan.  See, they’ve already got ten that can clear Karazhan in two days.  But ten isn’t enough for the follow-on places like Gruul’s Lair.  So they need more folks. … Continue reading

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R&R, then work

Blackoof and Droonda spent a quite afternoon fishing.  Both Shamans feel the need to cook well, and fish for the soup bowl.  Mmmm, lobster. And there is nothing better than spending moments like these with a loved one. And following … Continue reading

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The cutest thing

The wife’s Gnome Warrior, the mighty

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The man in the back said “Everyone attack”

So, the last couple nights I’ve been venturing into Karazhan.  Wednesday night we killed Moroes, last night the Maiden of Virtue and the Big Bad Wolf. I’d started a post earlier, about Death by Add-ons.  “Consider Phlebas, who was once … Continue reading

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