Tanking vs. DPS

That pretty much settles it.  I much prefer being DPS to Tanking.

Let’s see, as a Tank, all deaths are your fault, unless you die first.  Then it’s your gear’s fault.  Or your lack of skillz.  All mobs are belong to you, unless you can get them Crowd Controlled.  No CC?  QQ.  Your healer can’t heal themselves out of a wet paper bag?  Get yourself some better gear.  Obviously.

But, being DPS.  Pew pew.  Pew pew.  Pew.  Pew pew pew. Pew KILLING BLOW!  I can’t believe how many times I had KILLING BLOW pop up on my screen last night.  If a mob died, and I didn’t see that, I was wondering “Did I blink?”  “Did I just look away?” “Where the heck is my Killing Blow.”  I interrupt bad spells with a small Earth Shock.  I keep relevant totems down and in play.  I hurl lightning bolts like William Shatner.  Two Heroics last night, one the daily, the other the normal dungeon daily done in Heroic mode, and like 9 Badges of Justice and some spiffy bracers, and I was feeling pretty good about things, holding my own against the Hunters.

Tanking is a thankless, but necessary job.  (With most of my DS3, a few epics, I can say I’ve tanked some.)

Healing is a thankless, but necessary job.  (I was the Resto Shaman, the gimp that played alts or BG’d when Molten Core wasn’t being raided.)

But without DPS, you’ll shortly be OOM then OOH.  I’m loving the change of pace.

Msaker will go to the next Karazhan run.  And Blackhoof will be the first to step into Zul’Aman.


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9 Responses to Tanking vs. DPS

  1. Doeg says:

    So are you going to jump into the BGs and get the Gladiator Arena 1 set that replaced the old High Warlord 70 blues in the Hall of Legends?
    And Vindicator is out, an incremental upgrade on Veteran’s.

    I know what my toons want for Christmas… 🙂

  2. Tomas says:

    I’m with you, brother. I’ve tanked as a warrior and druid both and have seen everything you just described over and over and over. I’ve put both my warrior and druid away mostly. Happy to off-tank if needed, but tired of putting up with dps teams that don’t know how to manage their aggro or parties that have no clue how to support their tank. It *sucks* when you go into an instance and feel like every ounce of damage taken by another party member is somehow a failing on your part. DPS – it’s easy – and it’s fun. Past tanks often have the potential to make the best DPS players. They know how to support their tank, they keep aggro awareness and they know better than to run off and spank something the tank doesn’t have targeted.

    In other news – Skychaser – my first and only Shaman has hit 50 last night and I have to say – after all the ALTing and all the dancing around from toon to toon – I’ve found my class. Hybrid – yes – and happy to fill pretty much any role that’s needed. For once in my whole WoW career I’m ready to get a toon to 70 and do something different.


  3. Kinless says:

    I spent what seemed like ages (for short attention span me at least) getting together the 25200 Honor for the weapon. The 20 marks from Eye of the Storm I got together pretty easily. But I’d been saving up honor for a long, long time. I’m actually getting shots at gear out of Heroics, and that crazy new gear available for Badges of Justice. I might return to the BG’s if I keep failing to upgrade certain pieces. Like my shoulders. I’m pretty lucky, but last night there were no shoulders dropped in the Shattered Halls, and a couple nights earlier, the other group had the epic shoulders drop in Heroic Underbog, not mine. I’d go back to the BG’s to target upgrades for something I can’t seem to get my hands on. And taking a week off at Christmas, with not much else to do but play (and there’s nothing wrong with that!) I’ll probably get what I need. 🙂

  4. Doeg says:

    Well, after drooling over the Gladiator stuff while thinking “I could dust off my warrior and gear him out!”, I slowly came back to earth and remembered that I am only about 2,500 gold into my epic mount training “quest” (not to mention that my wife will need epic flying training, too…) I probably will try the PvP daily with the warrior, and over time he might pick up some PvP gear — anything would be an upgrade over leveling-to-70 quest gear!

    So I looked over my ‘real’ main’s gear — a shadow priest — and it’s down to deciding whether the Gladiator Gavel or Spellblade looks better (since unless I missed something, the stats are identical). I was motivated to take the PvP daily for the first time (AV, my priest’s favorite!) and I hit the new AV for the first time with a winning group. Add in the quest bonus honor, and I may be around 1,000 honor… a long way to go, but if I can do the daily successfully every day, that will add to the epic flyer piggy bank *and* speed up the long road to 25,300 honor.

    I have mixed feeling about the WoW endgame right now. I like choices and alternatives for progression, but there are getting to be so many ‘dangling carrots’ to chase that it almost seems overwhelming. Part of the problem is that since I really want to put the epic flyer training behind us, WoW feels a bit like Scrabble when you’re trying to save a high-point word and make something of the leftovers — I dare not spend gold, and time gets tied up in dailies, leaving little wiggle-room for much else, especially if PvP is to be added into the mix.

    Oh the tangled web…

  5. Nibuca says:

    Amen Brother. There’s a reason my alt’s a Warlock.

  6. Galoheart says:

    I agree with you “Tanking is a Thankless JoB” and you know ….. Its a JoB.

    All the same I still love to Tank! I’m Paladin Tank. When I started WoW many months ago I had no notions of the classes, but I understood their roles. I picked my Paladin not because I had some idea what AoEing was or because I could fight many mobs at once. How would you know that new to the game at level 1, you don’t. I picked my class “To Defend my comrads” because I like playing that role. As you level up over time you realize what that mean, your a “Tank”.

    I’ve run countless Outland intances as a lvl 70 Tank. And I’m a pretty damn good Tank. I enjoy being one. I protect an serve my comrads so they don have to face taking damage. I take the damage for them as their shield so they can be a effective weapon in their DPS. If got pretty good gear I’m not in raid status as I like to do what I want to do.

    What’s thankless about Tanking or protecting your group oka instance run as hard as it usually is to find Tanks and or Healers is very few people will ever thank anyone at the end of a good run or thank a Tank for doing a good job. I know I’m the tank on my runs but I always personally tank my Healer for been Awesome they kept me alive. I always thank the DPS guys for packing power where it hurts because it lessons the damage i have to endure. I feel proud when I do my job and no one dies. Few people will thank a tank. So yeah its thankless when you leave to go mend your battle wounds at the repair vendor. It takes some dedicated people to want and then enjoy being Tanks.

    DPS will always be EZ mode, its no stress. Tanking takes some dedication to dovit day in day out and have fun doing it whether you get any thanks or not. When I roll my next toon to level I’m heading right to the top of DPS class rolling a Warlock.

  7. Doeg says:

    I agree that tanking (and healing, too, for that matter) is a thankless task, so as DPS and a fisherman / cook I always try to have good “buff” food to hand out to the tank and healer, and try to remember to thank everyone, especially the tank and healer.

    Though I will also say that if the tank has trouble holding aggro (or if I out-gear the tank so much that I keep stealing aggro), then DPS can get really interesting; a life-or-death challenge, you could say 🙂

  8. Arencey says:

    I gotta agree with you man, the problem with tanking is that it is simply a broken role. It’s blizzes fault for making dpsing too easy, bad dps don’t manage their threat, so they pull, then the threat goes to any healer foolish enough to heal the bad dps, once all that is over and the group has wiped the blame is passed directly to the tank.

    As a death knight tank, I don’t know how many times I’ve told my party members;”Wait on me to spread diseases before you attack!!!” and you know what? They attack too early anyways.

    I love the role itself, holding threat is actually a really fun style of play but if dps attack too early, then we haven’t completely established threat to begin with. Too many dps take it as a compliment when they think their gear is so good tanks can’t hold threat off of them, well if they would give the tank 5 seconds with the mob like they’re supposed to maybe they wouldn’t pull, everytime you pull, you make the healer’s job harder and risk the rest of the group as the tank is forced to stop holding threat and focus on a single mob.

    Like I said, in the end it’s a broken role due to the fact that an easy role can totally mess us up, because where there is an easy role, there is bound to be more noobs, it will always be this way until blizz makes dps have less of an impact on their group’s survival or blizz simply replaces dpsers with bots, which could be done as there isn’t much more to dpsing besides hammering the same rotation over and over.

  9. Kinless says:


    I’m with you and Galoheart, I do like tanking. Or, rather, I like the thought of being the guy with the shield keeping folks safe.

    I’ve spent the money to dual spec two characters: my horde warrior, and my alliance paladin. The warrior was level 80, the paladin only level 72, when I dual specced them and both added Protection as a talent spec option. DPS (Arms and Retribution) is their other spec.

    And I’ve honestly also really want to go, at least add, Protection at some point with both my alliance warrior and my horde paladin (both in their early 40’s now). But protection isn’t the quick way to the good stuff so they’re both DPS (Arms and Retribution) at the moment.

    And my horde deathknight, he’s still leveling up and it’s kind of interesting that I should basically be able to “tank” whatever stuff I’m getting into, and “dps” with pretty much the same gear and spec (Unholy). (As a non-raider I don’t need to worry about min-max spreadsheets to play.)

    As to game mechanics: The Enrage Timer on bosses means it’s a DPS race, not a Survivability Session. The tank is not there so much to mitigate the damage, but to hold the aggro. Mitigating damage is what armor plated heroes do. Holding aggro is what game designers implement.

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