Search Engine Terms Review

I get a kick out of looking at the Blog Stats page here, and seeing how folks manage to stumble into my place from out in the cold.

Todays list of Search Engine Terms and maybe I can address one or two of them for you:

“rampage battlegroup”  Well, I’ve talked about these folks before.  This would be the battlegroup that includes Kirin Tor and Cho’gall.  (I know about Cho’gall because like two years ago some guildie left us to start over on Cho’gall.  A few followed him to experience life from the pink Alliance side of things.)  I alluded that this battlegroup sucked.  Or that our side sucked.  But lately we (Horde, of course) rock.  So all is good.

“enhancement shaman gear”  Stuff with Attack Power and Agility.  And Stamina and Intellect.  Pretty much everything a Hunter would want.  There’s the Desolation set that drops mostly in Heroics.  (I got the gloves last night.)  It’s got the generic stats, nothing Hunter specific.

“set in good stealth”  A set that improves your stealth talent/score/rating?  Well, put a Night Elf inside of it, and you’ve got a start.  Probably a Rogue set.  I know nothing about that.

“resto shaman UI”  Pretty much take a look at my Warrior UI, and replace the Warrior buttons with Shaman buttons and you’ll have it.  Oh, add to that Grid+Clique + HealBot + SmartBuff + SmartDebuff.

“enhancement shammy gear drops” It’s the Desolation Set, available in Heroics.  The Tidefury stuff that drops in Normal mode dungeons won’t do you any good.  Otherwise it’s quest rewards and the occasional ZOMG Hunter or Rogue miscellaneous items.

“what is the easiest battlegroup?”  Whatever the easiest battlegroup might be for one faction is probably the hardest for the opposite faction.  There’s a stat place somewhere that has rankings for wins across the servers.  If a reader knows where, could they post it in a comment?

Well, that’s about it.  Dag.  Even my searches are getting boring.  Isn’t there like a rumor about a World of Warcraft 2?


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2 Responses to Search Engine Terms Review

  1. Skittle says:

    No Kidding I found your blog here by typing in “Ugly Lady” into google, Which was going to be posted (strangely enough) on a fellow wow guildie’s myspace. Out of the blue here is your blog on WoW which we all love so much.

    Must check in again from time to time 🙂

  2. Kinless says:

    ! Cool. “Ugly Lady” ? That must have been a Lady Vashj post. But you know, in that weird exotic dancer kind of way, she’s kind of cute. 🙂

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