Back. Shaman. Gotta love it.

Who knew? William Shatner plays a Shaman?? Maybe Blizzard will fix the class!? However, he plays a lightning throwing Elemental, no doubt, Shaman, and they seem fine.

“I’m a (Captain Kirk pause) CONDUIT! (pause) for the ancient forces of nature.”  Lol.  Too funny.

Anyway, we had a great time down south with the friends and family. You can tell how hard you’re Jonesing for Warcraft when you’re at the beach, and there’s a lifeguard tower, and you’re wondering “Is the Lieutenant still up there?”

So here we are, back in business. Our low level alts are leveling up rather nicely. And the Mains, ready for some raiding.


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One Response to Back. Shaman. Gotta love it.

  1. Og says:

    Those two ads are awesome (I’m leaning towards Mr. T’s as being my fav). And there’s just something about Shatner’s delivery that is hilarious.

    But do you think they really play WOW? I bet there are some very famous folks out there grinding Outlands or raiding Warsong. But Shatner? I doubt it.

    Definitely not Mr. T…doesn’t seem like a gamer.

    It’s interesting they chose these two celebs. Looks like they’re targeting Gen X with these ads.


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