First impressions of 2.3

The wife was pretty excited about the whole deal when I got home.  She mentioned things in the patch notes she’d never even heard of or known about.  Our first order of business, after printing out the 24 pages of patch notes, was grabbing the Mudsprocket Flightpoint with the Shamans.  Then, of course, off to the Shaman trainers for Droonda and Blackhoof.  Except that’s not where you learn the two-handed weapon skills we now train in.  Orgrimmar will offer to train you in two-handed axes, and Thunderbluff in two-handed maces.  That’s that then.

Blackhoof went to Thrallmar to pick up the Heroic Key there.  And the new Mad Alchemist’s Elixir (or Potion), and saw he’d missed two other Elixirs.  Three new alchemy potions, two new weapon choices, one new Flightpoint, and DrDamage was reporting an increased damage amount on my lightning bolt and chainlightning action bar buttons.  Feels like Christmas!  He also got the Coilfang and Lower City Heroic Keys.

Msaker picked up his missing Thrallmar Heroic Key and then he and Droonda set out on their dailys. One last bombing run of the Skettis eggs and he reached Exalted with the Sha’tar Skyguard.  The third Exalted he’s reached.  (Frostwolf, Sha’tar, Sha’tar Skyguard.)  He picked up the trinket, but is only half way to funding an epic flying mount.

Droonda logged off for the night and Blackhoof journeyed into the Battlegrounds.  Eye of the Storm was the same as ever.  Worse it seemed.  Maybe we were up against a pre-made.  Unreal Tournament’s “DOMINATED” kept ringing in my head.

Then it was time for Alterac Valley.  Alliance just dominated us there too.  Unreal.  I can’t count how many times I was targeted by 4+ casters and burned down.  The 2nd foray into the Valley felt the same.  I was left behind at Frostwolf and played defense there.  Somehow we kept them off the graveyard.  However, this time around, up north the story was a different matter.  Horde had gotten to Stormpike and were working on Vann.  Booya.  Horde win.  Okay.  That was a lot more intense than before, and we won.  I think I could like this!

Tonight we’ll bring some our lowbies to Mudsprocket and check it out for real.

Search Engine Terms to LOL about:

Here’s how folks find my website.  These are terms people type into a search engine, and on a match, they’re brought to the website here.

tanking ui – Okay, I can see that.

that one almost got all his armor off – Hmm?  What are we talking about?

paris hilton gankbang movie – Oh, c’mon.  What’s up with that???

what do you get when you cross a dyslexic – Ah, yeah.  My groucho marx reference.  If a guild would have me…

drawing +female warrior +thunderfury – Okay.  I’m beginning to feel like I’ve created some kind of internet pron site and I don’t even know about it. 

For the record: There are no pictures of Paris Hilton, in plate armor, wielding a Thunderfury.  Go look elsewhere!  🙂


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