When the easiest thing to do is win, then win already. Rampage Battlegroup Horde is coming back.

Horde’s been on a roll lately in Alterac Valley.  I’ve yet to lose since the implementation of the anti-afk patch.

It was the easiest way to gain honor in battle grounds, prior to the anti-afk patch.  That would be sitting in the cave with your thumb busily engaged doing your own proctal exam.  But that little gravy train, so to speak, has come to an end.  No more honor for you!

So now the path of least resistance to gaining maximum honor is to actually get out and win quickly.  Something we, the Horde, have been doing a lot lately on our Battlegroup.  Exclusively I might add, at least in Alterac Valley.

Which is excellent news for Blackhoof, who’s got 5k more to go to get his mitts on a Season 1 Arena weapon (Gladiator’s Gavel specifically).  It’s nice going to AV and actually having everyone participating again.


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