R&R, then work

Blackoof and Droonda spent a quite afternoon fishing.  Both Shamans feel the need to cook well, and fish for the soup bowl.  Mmmm, lobster.


And there is nothing better than spending moments like these with a loved one.

And following their return to Booty Bay to fish up some rare delights over in the Eastern Kingdom, Msaker got the call in.  “Come tank Heroic Auchindoun.”  I’ve had no luck there.  But the group was good.  “Sure.”


The group was pleased with my single target aggro holding.  Multi targets I’m still a little weak though.  However: Dead Raven God.

And about now that lobster, with some fine Kaldorian bubbly, would be good!


About Kinless

Gamer. Engineer. Lived lots of places.
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