Heroics wrong, Heroics right. CC, crowd control, is king.

The guild I’m in has this litmus test for joining them in Karazhan.  See, they’ve already got ten that can clear Karazhan in two days.  But ten isn’t enough for the follow-on places like Gruul’s Lair.  So they need more folks.

But they don’t want to take just anyone that shows up with a wand or a shield.  They’re expecting a high degree of competence as well out of it’s potential raiders.  Assembly of ones gear set is a start.  Msaker has gotten 4 of the 5 pieces of the Dungeon 3 set, and the missing piece is already upgraded with a Karazhan replacement.  Trading out a few pieces he can achieved 142 Arcane Resist, the minimum they’d like us to have for The Curator fight.  The last hurdle was getting at least three Heroic keys, and then proving yourself in your role in each of them.

My first Heroic was to Mechanar.  We had a Hunter, Resto Shammy, and I forget who the other two were.  It took a little getting used to the harder hits, and the special abilities, of the otherwise easy enough trash mobs.  Punch #1.

My second Heroic was to Coilfang Reservoir.  To the Underbog.  That was disastrous.  We simply didn’t have the crowd control.  My second try in Coilfang was into the Steamvaults.  This was kind of on a lark since we brought along a Holy Priest for DPS.  And it worked.  I described this Heroic a few weeks ago.  Punch #2.

Heroic Auchindoun was my last ticket to punch.  That was tough.  The first time I tried Setthik Halls Heroic we were myself, a Protection Paladin, a Fury Warrior, a Resto Shammy, and a Hunter.  I don’t make the group, I simply sigh inwardly and march out with it.  “Hamburger Hill” anyone?  We got one boss, but Ikiss eluded us.

Last night, though, was the Heroic from Heaven.  I was tanking, a Rogue, Mage, Hunter, and Holy Priest invited me.  Four/five pulls can be nightmares.  Except when you can sap one, sheep another, shackle another, and trap another, heck, I’ve only got one to tank?  Cool.  Punch #3.

Heroics can be as painful as you let them be, or as easy as you can make them.  It wasn’t perfect, but we cleared the place, and the Rogue got on his main, a Druid, and we summoned the Raven God to kill as well.  And when you’re depositing Badges of Justice into the bank account, that’s what matters.

The group consisted of the Guild Master and his top officer’s.  Watching us go through the place, and sapping for CC, one of the officers realized “We need more Rogues in the guild.”  We do.  (The officer was playing one, but he’s got seven other 70’s, one of each class, and the Rogue wasn’t his main.)   Rogue’s sap.  That was kind of a forgotten CC that we quickly learned to love.

If you’re going to raid, or maybe just do Heroics, make sure your guild has enough folks to make viable groups the routine.  “Thunderbluff Steakhouse” makes for a nice concept guild, but Taurens can’t CC beyond traps. … While two Hunters, a Druid, a Shaman, (one of which is Restoration, and only one) and a Warrior might make a decent instance group, and could be the core of an all Tauren guild, this group will have some real challenges in a Heroic.  Or maybe I just like my heroics to go easy.

You know, with this patch coming out, I can show my alts a little love, and I know my 70’s have so much more yet to do, I’m in no hurry for the Expansion.

P.S. Have you noticed folks returning to WoW?  And this is long before the expansion is coming out.  I’m half expecting the old guild master of Dark Ministry to resurface, following his hiatus in the Shire, and /whisper a “Hey.” to me.


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