Exalted. And, New Shaman ability? Alas, no.

Second thing first.

One of the searches done that brought a visitor to my site here was “WoW shaman stealth ability”.  Yeah.  Ghost Wolf!  Except you’re not really that stealthed and you got your name and guild bobbing over your head like lights on an emergency vehicle.  No, the only “stealth” move I ever did in Ghost Wolf form on a PvP server way back was to race faster than they could run through Ashenvale.

Second, Exalted.

I am Exalted with one single faction.  Alterac Valley’s Frostwolf Clan.  On three characters.  That got me two Unstoppable Forces, three nice epic rings, three epic trinkets, three epic mounts, and three tabards, the one Alliance nicer than the two Horde.  That would be for Msaker, Blackhoof, and Arcarius.

Now Blackhoof and Arcarius are nowhere near Exalted with anyone else.  Msaker is at least Revered with 6 or 7 factions.

He’s really only got one to reach Exalted with as a Tank.  That’s with the Shatar for the shield. And that’s just three more Tempest Keep instance runs away.  Cool.

The Shatar Skyguard has an AP trinket at Exalted.  Meh.  But I’m halfway to Exalted with them on Msaker as well.

Blackhoof has two more factions to reach Exalted with, the Lower City, for the best one-handed Elemental Shaman weapon in the game, and the Skyguard, for their caster trinket, both epics.

Arcarius, he has no idea of what is out there to grab.  He’s that out of things.  (For the Horde!)  At 68 he’s grinding Fire Elementals in Blades Edge for Msaker’s smithing.  I figure he can save questing till 70 for all the gold that will generate.  Till then grind elementals till he dings 70.  Boring, yes, but I’ve got a t.v. next to the computer.

If our Druids were high enough level, we’d be worried about getting Exalted with the Cenarian Expedition for that two-handed mace.

I’d love to know the reasoning behind the choices of which factions offered what.  (There are no Feral Druid drops anywhere in the Coilfang Reservoir.  But you’ve got to reach Exalted with them for the mace.  Odd, no?)


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