Crazy for tanking. A crazy UI.

Well, I like to keep things simple, so this interface is pretty much what all my characters see, just different buttons in the bars. Since Msaker is my “Main” it’s got to be best for him.


I use a lot of ACE addons. Bartender 3 for my action bars.

My hot keys, 1-6 are:

Taunt, Sunder, Shield Block, Revenge, Shield Slam, Devastate. Outboard from there are Taunt (the five D’s of Dodgeball!), Spell Reflect, Intervene Macro, Shield Wall, and Thrown.

Above the hot keys are
Intervene, Disarm, Shield Bash, Pummel, Battle Shout, Commanding Shout, Demoralizing Shout, Blood Rage, Challenging Shout, Mocking Blow, and Concussion.

Central to the screen is _meta_ Hud. It tells me in Red, and verbally, that I have Aggro. (What I want.) It puts up Sunders like a Rogues combo points. It will also show a target casting bar (in addition to X-Perl’s casting bar).

The data flow is from Scrolling Combat Text, Outgoing on the left, incoming on the right, effects and happenstances above.

The Omen aggro meter to the left, DPS meter on the right.

Immediately to the right of my Hud bars I’ve got the Four Big Buttons. They are Shield Bash to interrupt casters, Thunder Clap to establish aggro on multiple mobs, Spell Reflect because spells ignore Plate armor, my Charge in and switch to Defense Stance macro, and Last Stand. After Heroic Mechanar I put Two Big Buttons up. After last night’a Heroic Setthek Halls it’s grown to Four.

Trinket menu keeps those handy for use during a fight. (I need to employ those much more than I do.)

I wish it were a cleaner interface but I’ve gotten used to seeing all the info.


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3 Responses to Crazy for tanking. A crazy UI.

  1. Nibuca says:

    😦 I wanna bigger screenshot when I click on it. Juicy details are lost in the little bitty thumbnail.

  2. Kinless says:

    I have to figure that out with WordPress here. A preview version and then the fullsize when it’s clicked. As such I’m getting cropping if I don’t shrink it small enough. I’ll see if I can figure it out better.

  3. Nibuca says:

    I upload the picture twice.

    Once I upload the whopping huge image and get the itty bitty thumbnail. This give you an image tag surrounded by an anchor tag.

    Then I upload the 400px wide pic and tell it to show full size and no click through. This gives you and image tag.

    Substitute image tag # 2 for image tag #1 and you’ll get 400px wide image that clicks through to nice sized screenshot.

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