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All your mount are belong to us.

Msaker on a Brewfest Racing Ram. Sweet. Next year I hope they bring Brewfest Racing Cats. Advertisements

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Druid tip:

When asked by the Bear Frau: “Does this form make my butt look big?” You really have no good answer.  Anything you say and you’re frittered kitty. Solution: Stealth and move on to a quest objective, pretending you were listening … Continue reading

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Tanking and beer.

I’m up to a little more than 300 Brew Fest vouchers now.  My goal is 600 by Fest’s end and I’ll get me a Racing Ram.  For the amusement factor. Tanking amusements this weekend included Arcatraz twice and Botanica once.  … Continue reading

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Results of my poll

I left it running for a month over on my old blog spot. I asked if folks wanted More 20-60 content.  100 (64%) voted for this. More races.   19 (12%) voted for this. More classes.  58 (37%) voted for … Continue reading

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The beer keeps flowing

Man those dailies can take time. The lovely Droonda and Msaker did their Skettis bombing run.  Then (Msaker via Nether Ray, and Droonda via public transportation) headed to Ogr’la for the Simon game.  However, joy, Msaker put his stack of … Continue reading

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Got Beer?

Enough beer and you’ll have these things* following you around. The Beer Fest is actually really pretty fun.  I killed a night just messing around.  Zapping Elekks across Azeroth, going into BRD and delivering some beer, and catching these Wolpertinger thingers.  … Continue reading

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The two attributes of your guild personality test indicate which players and guilds you would be most comfortable with, as well as what type of players you would prefer to recruit to your own groups. The two attributes of your … Continue reading

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