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The Good, the Ugly, the Bad

The good: Partying with the wife.  Our Horde guild requires successful Heroic Runs, three of them, in three different dungeon areas, in order to qualify to go to Karazhan with them.  By then you’ve probably accumulated at least 3 of … Continue reading

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Night Elf Lore (i.e. Boo)

“In time, a primitive tribe of nocturnal humanoids cautiously made their way to the edges of the mesmerizing enchanted lake. The feral, nomadic humanoids, drawn by the Well’s strange energies, built crude homes upon its tranquil shores. Over time, the … Continue reading

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Funny Blog Stats for today

It seems folks like clicking on my wife.  On her characters at least, over there on the side bar to the right here. Droonda’s armory link has been accessed three times today.  Maybe folks are wondering what on Azeroth that flash of … Continue reading

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Switch to lightning, asked to heal. Purpz!

So there I am in AV. We’re about to win again. I’ve switched to Elemental, again. Just looking at the gear for Enhancement… And the gear for the Elementalist. Tidefury is the Shaman Dungeon 3 set. +Damage and Healing. Hmm. … Continue reading

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Oh, happy days.

The wife’s Warlock, Zauber with the cackling laugh, is finally riding a mount.

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Killer queen

She’s a Killer Queen Gunpowder, gelatine Dynamite with a laser beam Guaranteed to blow your mind Anytime -Queen Lucky Droonda. Her first time there to The Mechanar and we kill Pathaleon the Calculator, and the Molten Earth Kilt drops.  Kind … Continue reading

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What I really need.

I need more alts. Exilarch, Draenei Warrior (Arms all the way, Baby!) dings 14. I need more pets. No, not really. But I wanted one. I need some kind of Warrior’s version of Feign Death. How about we call it … Continue reading

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