Two unusual Steamvault Runs

First run into Coilfang’s Steamvaults I went with Blackhoof, my Elemental Shaman. He’s there for the Reputation with the Cenarian Expedition and the possible gear.

The group included my lovely Shaman Princess Droonda, another Elemental Shaman, and Magnarussa, a Resto Shaman.

Magna’s husband, Dagerta, is a Mage. And Lanthus, a Paladin, did the tanking.

Paladin’s have a great AoE/Tanking ability and trash mobs were just eaten alive by it.


Lots of dead Leper Gnomes? Lots to cheer for!

Every party member was a caster type. Hydromancer Thespia was the only problem, and that’s because her lightning is indiscriminate. Otherwise a full clear. We were done in little over an hour.

Later, Msaker was signed up to tank in a Heroic Mode Coilfang instance. We had eleven sign ups, but only six were online and five joined the group. We were a Protection Warrior, a Protection Paladin (Lanthus from before), Gorvahk the Warlock, Sheripiari a Resto Shaman, and Sistajuju, a Holy Priest who was joining us to add some DPS. ! No Druid, Hunter, Rogue, or Mage along.  (Gorvahk and Sista are married in real life.  Lots of husbands and wives tonight.  Another couple were out of town with a single, and bad, internet access.)And these Heroic mode fights were fun too. Lanthus was still a better group aggro holder, and lacking real CC, he main tanked. I off-tanked the target to kill, and kept pulling them off him as we ran down the kill list. Sista mindcontrolled one mob, either using to heal us, or keeping it from hitting us with Blizzard. The Thespia fight also caused us problems, but our 2nd try we persevered, but it was a long fight. We didn’t really have the usual amount of DPS.

The Mekgineer also stumped us the first try. So, for the 2nd try, I put on my DPS gear, did a maniacal Headless Horseman laugh, and we manage to unload enough damage on the Mekgineer to fire off the seeds of corruption and kill those leper gnomes trying to heal him.  Too, going DPS allowed me to generate more Rage and that let me fire off more Thunderclaps to stop the gnomes from healing.

The last fight also did us in the first time. The 2nd try I was firing off my Attack Power trinkets as we worked on the water tanks that Warlord Kalithresh was trying to use, and that secured us the final victory. (And part one of the Naaru’s Test of Strength quest was done.)


Score one for the use of creativity in a fight. Even Heroic mode can be done, and well, by a creative group.


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4 Responses to Two unusual Steamvault Runs

  1. Ian says:

    Heroic Steamvaults is tough without the right group, gratz.

    Generally, I recommend a lock (to banish one of the Hydromancer’s adds plus for CC/AOE) and a rogue (good on the tanks for Kalithresh and wound poison is awfully useful on the Mekengineer.)

  2. Kinless says:


    Our lock did banish and did a lot of the dps.

    Our guild has about zero truly active rogues. I can’t remember the last time I was grouped with one. Burst dps on the tanks *would* do the trick. 🙂

  3. Saylah says:

    Absolutely LOVE THE NEW LOOK!

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