Jumping the shark.

With reference to the Happy Days episode, Blizzard’s gotten up out of the water now, being pulled by a power boat, and is about to jump the shark.

C’mon.  Are they serious?  They are.

What am I ranting about?

Paid name changes.  Don’t like your name?  Pay $10.00 to change it.

Twenty five to transfer servers, and ten dollars to change your name.

What next?  Five dollars, real money, to change your hair style?  Is that coming next?

How about $250 for an epic weapon, or $500 for a legendary one.  Sold to you direct from Blizzard with their version of Sony’s thing.

$14 or so a month from 3 Million players (the other 5 million in eastern lands probably paying much less) and they need to be charging for this?

Really, what else can they charge for?

How about in-game pets.  Hard to find, unless you buy from them, recipes.  Special mounts.

This is the business model for some Korean MMORPG’s, or online games, no?  You can play cheap, but you need to spend extra to have the good stuff.

There’s so many that are willing to spend real cash to enhance their game experience.

But is Blizzard jumping the shark with this?  Are they on a slippery slope here?

Though, if I had a character I liked, and I misspelled his name, I might go for it too.  But, dang it, should it be available at all then?   I’m not sure about this.


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9 Responses to Jumping the shark.

  1. Ian says:

    Actually, we in the customer service industry call that fee a “speed bump fee”, because while we’d love to offer that service for free, if we did, people would do it every 5 minutes and it’d be a nightmare.

    Adding a small fee makes all the morons who would rename their character every time some new movie came out (just notice all the Leonidases and Legolases).

    Thus, speed bump.

  2. Loronar says:

    I wonder how many people will use the renaming service though. Unless someone has a reason to go underground, I think you kinda get attached to your character name.

  3. dmosbon says:

    Bad move by Blizzard…open to all sorts of abuse. Why change your characters name if only to escape your past?

  4. Kinless says:

    Typically the guild bank ninja has to pay $25 to run from his past. Now it’s down to $10. Hmm.

  5. Tomas says:

    On the other hand…I’ve always wanted a Tauren Feral Druid named “Growl” – I won’t justify *why* – just that I always have. If you check the Armory there are about 4 pages of Growls out there and not much hope of me being able to find a server that doesn’t have the name already camped.

    But I did find one – and it happened to be the server I’m on.

    I immediately ran out and created a YAA toon…(Yet Another Alt) and named it “Growl”.

    Now – I *have* a Tauren druid already on the server – she’s been *awesome* and I’ve been camping the 30-39 battlegrounds with her for some time now.

    The thought of leveling *another* Tauren druid causes me physical pain.

    Thanks to the paid name changs – for the relatively small fee of 10 bucks…I don’t have to. I can have my name and my sanity.

    I think for the majority of folks out there it’s a means to acquiring the identity they originally wanted. Not so much a way to avoid identification. The speed-bump fee is just a way for Blizzard to be able to monetize something simple that many players have wanted.

    I’m okay with it.

  6. Tomas says:

    I don’t know…

    I’ve always wanted a Feral Druid named “Growl.” I won’t justify why – just suffice it to say that I do. Problem is, there are over 4 pages of folks with the very same name in the Armory. Chances are short of me jumping on a new server and managing to camp the name first – I have no hope of it ever coming to be.

    But what’s this? The name is *available* – and it’s available on *my* server where I already have a level 38 feral druid with a name that I have never really cared for.

    Wow…what are my options? In the past, short of a GM forced name-change or a server move (where your name is already reserved) – there were no options for me to take advantage of the name I want unless I was willing to level a new character.

    I don’t know about you guys, but the thought of grinding another druid through the cat-form-less levels causes me real, physical pain….

    But *now* – I can just cough up $10 and the name is mine. *Mine*.

    I plan on taking advantage of it as soon as paid name transfers are available for Moon Guard.

    Sure – this *does* provide an option for folks to leave behind sordid pasts. It also allows folks to make up for stupid naming mistakes or allows them to in effect “start fresh” with a character they *like* but who’s name makes them flinch.

    Will this $10 bucks also hide warbling drama-kin or ninja-looters looking for new prey? Sure – but they’ll out themselves in true fashion soon enough all on their own. Sooner or later – they’ll run out of money.

    I’m happy for the change. I just wish the speed bump Blizzard laid out for us was closer to $5 than $10.

  7. Kinless says:

    Good point Tomas.

    I can relate with that. I wouldn’t mind losing my more odd name choices for something easier and more identifiable.

    Heck, I’m not even sure how “Msaker” is pronounced. And I’m one of few, the others I told, that know it means Carnivore in Armenian. I usually pronounce it “M-Sahker”. I get a kick out of people pronouncing it Massacre. Though I’m sure that’s not right.

    I made an Orc named Grorc on my old PvP server.

    Isn’t that perfect? “Grorc.” Very orcish. Just what a brutish grunt would bark out for a name. Is it worth $10? Maybe.

  8. Salud says:

    Keep in mind everyone, the character on your ignore list WILL change to the new character’s name. There is no escape IF you utilize your personal ignore list.

  9. Tomas says:

    oooh – that’s good to know.

    Course…my ignore list is so full right now it’s irrelevant 🙂

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