Switch to lightning, asked to heal. Purpz!

So there I am in AV. We’re about to win again. I’ve switched to Elemental, again. Just looking at the gear for Enhancement… And the gear for the Elementalist. Tidefury is the Shaman Dungeon 3 set. +Damage and Healing. Hmm. There’s the “Molten Earth” semi-set that’s +Damage and Healing. Might be easier to get gear as an Elementalist.


Call goes out in guild chat looking for folks to go kill the Headless Horseman in the Scarlet Monastery.  I figure I’d like to check it out.

So, here is the screen shot after our first attempt at the Horseman.

We tried to four man him. An Arms Warrior Tanking, a Rogue trying his best to avoid aggro, a Hunter, and me, your humble Elementalist trying to heal. We got these pumpkin heads for the effort and the wipe.


We wipe twice.

So then we invite another Warrior along. Seems all the Warriors want a shot at the Horseman. I know Msaker does. For that crazy Arms/Fury Plate helm the Horseman drops. (Right click to get the helmet to laugh like the Horseman does. A “hidden” use ability.) One of our guildies goes earlier and she gets it for her Fury Warrior.

The new Warrior is Arms spec, but he’s got great tanking gear too.

Anyway, it’s not these Warrior’s day. The next two tries (the new Warrior already did it so the rest of us had 4 chances) we survive.

And a +Damage and Healing and a +Healing and Mana Regen/5s rings drop. And I’m the only one who can use them. Crazy stuff. For an hour’s worth of effort two epic rings drop. I’ll wear both healing now, and one doing the Elementalist thing.

And Darbanville got the broom to putter around on for two weeks.

Lesson being: Have fun.


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