Funny Blog Stats for today

It seems folks like clicking on my wife.  On her characters at least, over there on the side bar to the right here.

Droonda’s armory link has been accessed three times today.  Maybe folks are wondering what on Azeroth that flash of light around her is in the picture of her below.  Is it some high ranking Shaman shield spell?  The “Shield of Potency” perhaps?  No, it’s just a trinket.

Itarilde and Effilda have each been accessed once.  So that’s all her “Mains” I shared with you.

Not to be left out Greenclaw and Arcarius were also clicked once.

What.  Do you have a thing against Male Orcs or Taurens?  Give Msaker and Blackhoof some loving.  Give their Armory links a click or two.  If anything, enjoy the comedy of mocking my gear.  😉

Todays Search Engine Terms found me via “Kinless” (yay!) and “Draenei couple names” (aw!).

Yesterday the Search Engine Term (singular 😦 ) was “cross an insomniac and”.  Hmm.  Obscurity for the win!


About Kinless

Gamer. Engineer. Lived lots of places.
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