Tanking and beer.

I’m up to a little more than 300 Brew Fest vouchers now.  My goal is 600 by Fest’s end and I’ll get me a Racing Ram.  For the amusement factor.

Tanking amusements this weekend included Arcatraz twice and Botanica once.  Two Hunters, Resto Shaman, an Arms Warrior, and me, totally destroyed the Botanica.  I love it when an instance goes smoothly.  That and a Steamvaults run.  And before I forget, completing one of the quests leading to the Arcatraz key (killing the Demon boss after doing the triangulations) netted me +1000 Shatar rep, and I’ve now got 3 keys for Heroics.

Oh, and the guild took a “tourist run” of Karazhan, visiting the Animal Boss (we got the Bat) and then, having done that well, Attumen the Huntsman.  Both downed, and not all of these were Karazhan regulars.  And Droonda’s first real foray into Karazhan.  The rep really came in for the animals and Msaker upgraded his Violet Signet ring to the first Epic version of it.  And Droonda got her first ring.  She took the Attack Power one.  She’s all Orc.

Tonight the guild returns to Karazhan proper and Msaker is on standby for it.  (Being casual they raid Kara one week, and then do upgrade/rep runs the off week.)

In other news, Arcarius dinged 67 and easily picked up half a level again.  He managed to solo Terrokantula, the elite spider out in the Bone Wastes.  2nd try.  The first try the dog lost aggro, and Arcarius’s feign death was resisted, and then he had a real death.  Right back and killed him, but good.

Blackhoof respecced Enhancement again because it just feels good.  (And there’s enough Resto Shamans in the guild, he’s my “alternate” that gathers, makes potions, and waits for the expansion.  Oh, yeah, he’ll probably help lovely Halcyon, Zauberin, and the terse Zauber in their other endeavors.)

The Druids went to Tanaris and beat up on Pirates.  Itarilde tanking, and I, Greenclaw, DPSing, we were taking on 4, 5 at a time.  Really rather fun.

In Stormwind City Greenclaw is approached.  “You stole my name.” I see in the local chat.  ?  Who’s that?  “Greanclaw.”  Heh.  So I’m expecting to see like a level 10 or so character.  No.  This was a Level 70 Druid, with the Cenarian Expedition 2-handed Mace, and PvP gear.  What the hell?  Same as me.  Green hair, Druid, Feral.  I think she added “I’m going to kill you and take the name.”  “Good thing I’m not lootable.”  She bonked me on the head at the point.  Can you imagine?  Can you imagine taking somebody elses name, and liking it so much that you’ll mispell it, and then level it up to 70?

Greenclaw has met Greanclaw

Blackhoof has met Blackhoff

And Darkhand’s gotten tells of “You stole my name.” and such.

Msaker is the only one of 8 Million Warcraft players.  It means “Carnivore” in Armenian and I have no idea how it’s pronounced.  Do any of you know?  I think it might sound like Emm-Sahker.  The Mrs. thought it could look like “Ms. Aker.”  It would be too good if it wound up sounding like “Massacre.”

And names are important.  My highest level Warlock, level 17, I deleted when I saw I’d named him “Grimtounge.”  Blizzard won’t let you rename the character either.  Oh well.  Those are my names, and I’m keeping them.


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2 Responses to Tanking and beer.

  1. Loronar says:

    Got curious at your questioned an Google-d “Msaker”… Didn’t find much subject on it, though I did find your character and an Armenian ruler named Ashot Msaker. I assume you named the toon after him?

    When I started playing, there was 1 other person with my name in a different server, but he no longer shows up on armory, so I’m the only “Loronar” now.

    Points for you if you know where it comes from. :]

  2. Kinless says:

    Loronar is the planet where the HQ of Loronar Corporation is. They make starships in the Star Wars galaxy.

    P.S. Yep, named after Ashot Msaker. I thought “Carnivore” sounded pretty good.

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