Results of my poll

I left it running for a month over on my old blog spot.

I asked if folks wanted

More 20-60 content.  100 (64%) voted for this.

More races.   19 (12%) voted for this.

More classes.  58 (37%) voted for this.

More max level content at the bleeding edge.  24 (15%) wanted this.

More land to explore.  51 (32%) voted for this.

And more mailboxes to dance on.  14 (9%) voted for this.

Go figure.

I thought it was interesting about the new races.  What’s left afterall?  Arakkoa and playable Goblins?

Most just wanted more content.  More quests, more land, more ways to play.

We don’t necessarily need content about invading the Home Dimension of the Scourge with our level 100 characters.  The world’s fine as it is.  And we want more of it.  🙂


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4 Responses to Results of my poll

  1. Gorespike says:

    All people with alts and with an unstoppable urge to create more alts wants new 20-60 content! I want it badly =)

  2. Tomas says:

    and with 2.3 it looks like we’re getting a pretty nice chunk of mid-level content. Mudsprocket sounds fun – and actually gives me a reason to not hate the 30-50 range.

  3. Kinless says:

    Yeah. The wife and I have both our Blood Elf and our Draenei couples (Pally+Mage and Priest+Warrior) that could take advange of Mudsprocket. Might behoove us to slow down (even more!) on leveling them up.

  4. Tomas says:

    Yup – I actually stopped leveling a couple of my 30’s alts on Moon Guard in order to take advantage of the next patch. Will allow me to focus on getting Tigerclaw to 70 (finally…)

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