Got Beer?


Enough beer and you’ll have these things* following you around.

The Beer Fest is actually really pretty fun.  I killed a night just messing around.  Zapping Elekks across Azeroth, going into BRD and delivering some beer, and catching these Wolpertinger thingers.  Ish good fun.  Sherioushly.  And 600 tickets gets you the opportunity to buy your own Ram.  What Hordie isn’t shooting for that.  We’re beginning to do well in AV again.  Now let’s ride their rams.  Or, for just a few hundred, some Bavarian Gear.  Felt hat, lederhosen, beer stein.  Ach meiner lieber Mensch!  So was gibts nicht!

*Another name for the Wolpertinger is the Poontinger, a cryptid supposedly living in the alpine forests of Bavaria.  Sweet.  I love the inclusion of obscure lore.


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One Response to Got Beer?

  1. Relmstein says:

    Also looks like a commonly submitted video on the old America’s Funniest home videos refered to as a Jackalope. Don’t know if they stole it from any kinda of lore though.

    Jack Rabbit + Antelope.

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