Bitten again.

Call the doctor.

I deleted my Level 24 Shaman and created a Draenei Warrior instead. I was thinking “Solo, two-man, end game. Shaman with Priest? or Warrior with Priest?” The wife’s Level 25 Draenei Priest is coming along nicely. Dressed in Arugal’s Robes and wielding Odo’s Ley Staff. We’ll probably want to see if Arugal is willing to cough up his belt too. Then into Black Fathom Deeps for the Rod of the Sleepwalker.

So many loots, so little time.

Now Droonda, Enhancement Shaman is all about DPS, and she does well with Msaker who Tanks. But if I make an Alliance Warrior, I would keep him Arms, blacksmith specialize in swords, and he’d be the DPS to the wife’s healing.

Anyway, my altitis is kicking in. And a Warrior would be better company for her Priest. Le Exilarch est mort. Vive le Exilarch.


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