Now wait just one flippin’ minute, McBlizz.

What the hell are you doing?

This D3 gear drop table you’ve got has me scratching my head.

You’re making Arms/Fury Warriors do four different Heroics in order to get most of their Doomplate gear?  This is their D3 stuff.  If they’re running Heroics over and over… *What* gear are they using to get to, and maintain running, Heroics?

Feral Druids also need to visit four different Heroics.  And none of their D3 drops in the Cenarian’s area of focus, the Coilfang Reservoir.  Ain’t that a laugh?

 Wouldn’t they simply be picking up their Tier 4 stuff running Heroics?  (What do I know, I haven’t made it into a Heroic yet.)

Half as bad off are Enhancement Shamans and some Hunters.  They’ve got to run two different Heroics in order to get the last of their Desolation set.

So the classes least likely to comprise a 5-man instance group, not only have to run these instances over and over and over to get their keys to run Heroics… then they have to farm Heroics. Who’s carrying these guys along?  (Though last night in Shattered Halls, I tanked, we had a Hunter, Shadow Priest, Resto Shaman, and an Arms Warrior along, the Arms Warrior out DPS’d the Hunter.  He’s got the 2-hand version of my Planar Axe.  Yeah, we cleared the place.  But he was taking a lot of damage, and he replaced someone who could have shed a little aggro.)

Mages, Warlocks, and Priests, providing they toe the party line (i.e. DPS, DPS, Heal), they get their D3  in ordinary instance runs.

Rogues, Hunters, Protection Warriors, Resto Druids, and Elemental and Resto Shamans, also don’t need to run a Heroic to get their gear.

There’s something wrong with this picture.

Why should the same ilevel gear be exponentially more difficult for a Feral Druid to get than a Holy Priest?

P.S. Holy Priests and Warlocks get 2 pieces out Shadow Labs.  Hunters and Mages get 2 pieces out of the Steamvaults.  Feral Druid has to run 4 Heroics and a Normal (and none in CFR) to get their gear, the Clothies and Hunters only need to run 4 Normals.


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2 Responses to Now wait just one flippin’ minute, McBlizz.

  1. Langalore (Duskwood) says:

    I know I’m replying to a really old article, but I just found the site today and have been reading it all…

    Hunter D3 isn’t really the Desolation Set, at least.. it’s not listed that way.
    The Beast Lord set – it’s available in regular instance runs, 2 pieces drop in SV, 1 piece in Mech, I forgot the other 2 – is the true Hunter D3.
    The Desolation set is really just a bonus set they throw in heroics. I’m honestly not quite sure why blues drop in heroic lvl 70 instances at all. I can see some in the lower lvl instances that get better blues in heroics, but on the whole, I don’t really get it.

    My alliance shaman (resto – name is totemicrage) has been running heroics non stop plus a little in kara – 1300 bonus healing and can solo heal a heroic easy as long as there is proper cc… heroic SP with 1 wipe last night.

    Your guild has an interesting kara requirement. I really think that some of the heroics can not be done without proper epics, which come from kara. Face it – a heroic BM with all blue geared toons?! I dare someone to say they’ve done it. It seems like they just want to be sure you know how to play your class well, and that’s what class leaders in guilds are for – I try to run with every hunter in the guild to find out their playstyle, I run combatlogs and wowwebstats to figure out how they’re shooting and I make suggestions… if I see them trying it and they’re making an improvement, I’m happy and they can come along in kara any time they want.

  2. Kinless says:

    Hey there. Yeah, we’re a little stricter. No matter how well you’ve managed your part in a Heroic, even if the failure lies with everyone else, if your team doesn’t complete the Heroic (last boss dead), no credit for it, no Kara for you.

    I’d tanked in Kara before I hooked up in this guild. Mind you it was the starter stuff, Attumen, Moroes, etc. Then to have to do some Heroics to pass muster, okay, how hard could it be? I mean, if they require Heroics before Kara, then Kara must be a lot harder. But when I’m not geared enough to survive one Ravenguard pounding on me, and/or the Healer can’t keep me alive through it (and the Hunter didn’t pull the 2nd far enough away)… why’s that my problem or a reflection on my ability? It’s a harsh test to pass, but I’ll be the first to admit it does produce a stronger more committed raider. 🙂

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