Major Bug in Patch

Horde win?


What’s up with that?

C’mon Blizzard. Get the programmers a salary already! 😉

We have not had a win in a while. And the AV queue was a mile long.

Nice seeing interest for a change. Interest in playing, and actually winning. Yes, it was a race and kind of a half-assed win with that in mind. But, a win is a win. And it was win-win with Alliance for honor points, except I’m sure they wait an awful lot longer to play us than vice versa.


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One Response to Major Bug in Patch

  1. orc shaman says:

    Yeah, definitely a confirmed bug this. Was happening on my server last night too… 🙂

    Good to see – let’s hope it lasts (the Horde making an effort that is, the winning’s just a bonus).

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