It just takes a little bit.

Just a modicum of effort, and teamwork, and Horde can get some pretty decent honor out of AV, even in the 61-70 AV bracket.

So we lost Iceblood.  We always do.  It becomes a gauntlet that we have to fight through to reach the front within five minutes of a match.  But we took Stonehearth.  The bunker and the graveyard.  Then Icewing, and Balinda down in Stonehearth Outpost.  Sure, the Alliance juggernaut has steamed south, and although we only get as far as taking Stormpike Graveyard, holding (heh) the bridge, when the fat lady sings we don’t have much less honor that the Alliance, and they’ve won.  We’ve got a 3 minute queue, they’ve got a 30 minute queue.  With just a little effort a Horde player’s honor gains can really quickly surpass that of the Alliance.

And is a swing of the pendulum possible in the other direction?  Would Alliance ever care as little as Horde seem to?

I returned to AV, with my Night Elf.  Horde is actually doing something spirited, again.  And the Alliance have 12 AFKers.  12!  Outrageous!  (For Alliance.)

If the Alliance always figure “We win.” and don’t bother and sit in the cave, then once it gets tough for them, would they start AFKing more and more?  (By AFK I mean the psuedo-AFK of hopping once a minute to avoid the AFK flag) 

Nah, I don’t think so.  After waiting 30 minutes or more for the queue to pop, I’m sure they’re much more likely to wish to do something.  Horde with back to back losses in quick succession, that just becomes routine, routine like tapping a spacebar every now while you watch American Idol reruns.  (P.S. Diana DeGarmo loses.  Yeah, I know, I know.  But she does.  I just wiki’d that little fact and it’s got to be true.  So no point in watching anymore.  C’mon out of the cave and help us win now.  Thanks.)


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2 Responses to It just takes a little bit.

  1. Kinzlayer says:

    I think we will once more get those amazing 1-2 hrs AV now that the AFK-reporting system has rolled in with 2.2. Or if everyone (on the Horde side) is pumped up now that there will be less motivation for AFKer to sit and guard the caves, we will roll Alliance… wink wink (wishful thinking?)

  2. Kinless says:

    AV’s got something for everyone. One on one action. Group vs. group. You can go on offense. Guard a fort. Retake a tower. Do some quests. Gather stuff. Summon those big lords. When was the last time you saw that??! Turn in blood, get the summoner out, escort her to the field of strife, have 10 stand there and summon Loktar, or whatever his name was it’s been so long.

    I’d love to see AV back in business.

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