Rampage Battlegroup Horde, 61-70 Bracket in AV, you SUCK!

There.  I said it.  It’s just utterly absurd how bad Horde is.  They don’t even try anymore.

It’s all self-reinforcing.  We lose, so why bother, so we’ll AFK, so we lose worse, so we bother less, so we AFK more, and we lose even worse, so we bother even less, and so we AFK even more.

All the while the Alliance, after waiting 40-50 minutes to log on, basically have free reign to do what they want.

I know.  My 66 Night Elf Hunter rarely encounters anything one might refer to as “opposition”.

Tonight, I log into AV.  On Blackhoof.  True, blue, Horde.  And you know you’re in a bad position with a game in progress.

Not just in progress, the map is blue.

Wait, it gets worse.

So the maps blue, and Alliance are coming into the cave.

This is the worst I’ve ever seen.  Literally everyone who wasn’t on Drek, what 10-15 of them?, the rest where attacking us in our own cave?

We made a few forays outside the cave, but this is what I joined.  A total insult to the Horde.

And someone said “This is punishment for AFKers.”  WHAT??? They’re mocking us at this point.  Out and out dissing us.  There’s absolutely no reasons whatsoever to show us a modicum of respect.  We’ve lost all of it.  We deserve absolutely none.

So, I do what I do.  I heal.

I think my heals helped push us outside the cave entrance.  Where we fought our last battle, before we lost.

See, this didn’t punish the AFKers.  What it did was earn them HK’s!  That’s right!  Rather than the usual 0,0,0 “I poo on you” score, these wipes actually earned HK’s.

Me, oddly, for joining late, I top the heals chart for Horde.

Alliance earned 501 Honor for this.  Horde 82.

You know, I guess the comedy of it is, in the end, Horde probably gets equal honor since they don’t wait nearly as long for queues to pop.

Rampage Battlegroup, Horde, 61-70 Bracket in AV.  C’mon.  Reroll your Gnome Rogues already.  Clear out and let us get some players in here.


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5 Responses to Rampage Battlegroup Horde, 61-70 Bracket in AV, you SUCK!

  1. Tomas says:

    wow – that reminds me of the early days on Twisting Nether…only reversed. The alliance couldn’t get past “go” in AV. Every game became a turtle fest with the “best and brightest” either AFK in the cave or hanging out around Van waiting for the horde to come across the bridge.

    Ultimately what’s sealing so many BG’s for the horde is the mismatch in populations. The Alliance have so many more folks and more of them have so much money and gear – that they can afford to field team after team of twinks in each bracket.

    Ultimately – a lot of the ‘good’ horde players that hate to lose eventually move to their alliance toons full time and leave the horde with the dedicated – but not always coordinated masses.

  2. Bob says:

    Seems like the horde win more often to me in the Rampage BG.

  3. Kinless says:

    They’ve certainly changed. You can count on winning fairly regularly nowadays. It’s been a great change.

  4. Scorcinaio says:

    horde lose because are n00bs

    l2p av n0000000b

  5. Anonymous says:

    Lately with recent Advantages towards horde(being able to mount in pregate area) and the natural Map layout favoring Red, AMONG other reasons im sure, Horde have been winning a lot more, so get back in there.

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