And that, folks, is all she wrote.

So I go into Dark Ministry’s forums and ask “What’s up with all the departures?  Thoughts?”  Someone said “Real life trumps everything.”  Someone else said “Sure, but we’re here to play the game as well.”  A couple hours later the Guild Master leaves a farewell.  He’s up and disbanded the guild and moved on, cancelling his account and making his farewells.

So I apply to a couple raiding guilds.  Guess how many guilds raiding Karazhan need a tank?  That’s right: None.  They wouldn’t be raiding without tanks and spares.  Your guild needs 3 Protection Warriors.  Now these Warriors don’t necessarily need to see additional Protection Warriors invited into the guild, or Arms or Fury Warriors trying to DPS and “needing” that plate gear. 

Now if you’re a DPS class, you’re in.  DPS can be switched out on the fly.  Healers as well. 

I’ve got one character keyed for Kara, Msaker.  The other is almost keyed, and that’s the mostly BGing Blackhoof.

Some hardcore raiding guild was seeking a Resto Shammy.  A year ago, before BC, in my 8/8 Earthfury I’d have been invited instantly.  Now with my mix of greens and blues, not a chance.  See, he had it easy.  The guild he joined on the first day of the server wound up being the guild he was in that started into BWL.  Now he’s just a scrub, one of the masses who made it to 70 because you could do that solo in greens.  I applied anyway.

All the while, without a guild everyone is talkative.  We’re all in the ooc channel the guild had created.

Before long the Holy Priest who left the guild for the hardcore raiders, he joins the channel.  “Hey everyone.  What’s up?”  “Not raiding Kara?” I want to ask.  But thems just bitter apples, no?  So the Priest plans on leaving all his alts.  In fact they all think it’s a great idea to make a guild.  For our alts!  Yay!  And this guys toons names all begin with a certain letter, and so does the new guild name.  Excellent.  I don’t go to the Undercity to sign the new charter.  Another guildie recreates an even older guild name.  The sentiment’s nice, but joining an alts guild is out of the question.  I had alts in an alts guild and it just sucks.  Because all the action happens in the main guild.  And alts of the “in-crowd” are in the main guild anyway and get all the help they need.  Alts in an alt guild are like orphans in a mountain monastery.

But, like I’ve alluded, we don’t need anyone to reach 70.  The wife and I can reach 70 on our own with our Alliance characters, and even they’re in a guild.

The wife did express the point “I’m almost there.” with regards to Karazhan so tonight we russle up the friends list and go hit Black Morass again.  This time with a Hunter on the adds.  But could you imagine Droonda going Resto, to be raid/guild worthy, questing with Msaker still Protection?  It’s be like watching Molasses take down furniture.  Yes, time made the Grand Canyon, but damn, I don’t have that much time.  And, heck, unguilded and not running instances, what do a couple 70’s have to do?  Skyguard and Ogrila daily quests, here we come.  And we’ll be in a guild again before long.

And we’re going to get some Alliance to 70 as well.  Druids.  Because the expansion areas look pretty incredible, and seeing it from both perspectives will be great.

P.S. And the new header graphic, with Msaker and Droonda.  That’s a favorite of mine.  That 60 PvP set, with proper sized shoulders, looks absolutely incredible.  That was Msaker and Droonda before the TBC expansion.  We’ll be a little shinier before the next one.


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