AV surprises. Guild meltdown.

Guild meltdown first.  The guildmaster hasn’t logged in for a week now.  He’s got 3 70’s raiding instances.  He doesn’t appear to sleep.  He’s been away.  Playing LOTRO apparently.  Good for him.  Taking breaks is good.  But bad for us.  Tuesday is everyone’s Karazhan day.  I log on at the appointed time and make my way to Stonard.  We have 10 people online, one isn’t 70, another isn’t attuned.  A minute after start time it’s called.  I ask in guild chat “Who needs to go where to get keys?”  (My wife’s Shaman for one.  To Black Morass.  But since she isn’t keyed, isn’t going to Kara, and Kara being the big thing for the night, she’s playing an alt.)   No response.  Two that aren’t on need it.  …

“Hey, RL > WoW,” some guildie says.  Uh, what’s that mean?  “Yeah?  I have a real life, *and* I play WoW.  So go play soccer, watch some TV, take up a hobby in the garage.  But raid night is raid night.”  RL means you can do what you want like wheneva?  So sorry to interrupt your couple hours here.  Let’s have 10 people just simply decide on their own when we can get this done.  Yeah, right.  A third of the people log and disappear.  A couple relog onto alts.  Double you, Tee Eff. 

So I do the same, relogging onto my Mage alt, Sunstriker.  The wife, playing her Pally, Halcyon, and I continue our tasks in Hillsbrad.  She’s the tank, I’m the AoE.  (Much like when we play our Druids and she’s the Bear and I’m the Cat.)  I keep checking the /who Guild.  Sigh.  Down to 5, then down to 4.  I log on later again (our Belf alts aren’t guilded) and it’s me and a Warrior.  Meh.

So Blackhoof is brought out.  To heal up a storm in AV.  The first match I join in progress.  Alliance control the entire map.  We can’t move without being killed.  Next AV there is an actual group and the lot of us head out.  We spend too much time around Stonehearth, but we’ve killed more Lt’s than normal, and we do take the Aid Station before our loss.  Horde and Alliance have 390 and 400 honor respectively.  Not shabby.  Next match I’m above the Aid Station throwing heals alongside another Shaman.  (He’s got some arena gear.)  “Nice healing,” he says.  “Thanks.  I’ve got to do something around here.”  The crossing Chain Heals looks pretty cool.  I think we win.

So, later, I’m looking to buy my first piece of level 70 PvP armor.  What to get?  Hmmm.  Well, it seems my future is not to be instancing. And at 70, and soloing, it’s not doing a lot of PvE stuff.  So I take the gloves (because I’ve got AV marks) and take the pair with +Spell Damage & +Healing.  Then I visit the Shaman Trainer and respec to Elemental.  I’m sure I made a hash of the talent setup, but I just want to go into the BG’s and do stuff.  To contribute.  40 Points in Elemental, and 21 in Restoration for Nature’s Swiftness.  It’s probably going to be well worth the respec cost in amusement factor.

So I’m in the Champion’s Hall for a long time.  There’s no guildies on.  Then I see a guild Rogue join the channel.  Then leave the channel.  Eh?  I thought I was alone.  Ah. The non-RP side channel.  Hmm. The guild ranks are down by 10 from just a few days ago.  Yowza.  That Rogue isn’t in the guild anymore.  WTH?  Where did he go?  I fired up Armory and see he’s in a new guild.  I scan their roster and spot one of our Resto Shamans.  Huh?  (And one of our longtime guildies is leaving as well.  Bought a house, his girl is moving in, and he’s ready to spend some time with RL.  That’s 5 there as well that have yet to drop from the rolls but will.)

Another Resto Shaman had gotten in touch with me a few weeks ago.  Where was he?  (He and his guild were in Karazhan.)

So I cruise to their websites.  The Rogue’s joined a guild that “features strong language, whorelocks, sexual content, partial nudity, full frontal nudity, *******, violence, idiots and disturbing scenes and dialog, not necessarily in that order.”

I can see the conversation with my wife now.  “I’m not really sure what Whorelocks are.  The rest is kind of clear.  What do you think?”  Hmmm.  They had me with Idiots.  I’m sure they have a blast.  So the Rogue and the 2nd Resto Shammy have found a good home, and they’re downing bosses like Gruul.  Good for them.

So the Shammy that’s in Karazhan tonight (Tuesday), his guild is recruiting level 20+ for membership.  They’re working on gearing folks up.  They’ve got every instance on “farm” and they’re working on Kara.  There website intro reads “Are you Horde enough?”

Am *I* Horde enough?  Aye.  And the wife’s still got a shot at going to Kara herself.

And our new Alliance guild seems to be a hoot too.  Their website is quiet, but their in-game Guild Calendar is hopping with events across the board.  Old content, gearing/keying up for Kara, etc.  The wife, and I, might see the inside of a few more places with guilds like this.

P.S. The guild the Rogue and Shammy joined?  A warlock freind of theirs, and another former guildie, is already there.  And now I see one of our Tanks has applied as well.  Yowz.


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6 Responses to AV surprises. Guild meltdown.

  1. *vlad* says:

    Time to bite the bullet and change guild.
    I have had this dilemma a couple of times. The first time I decided to stay loyal to my guild, and ended up playing solo most of the time for maybe 2 months, before finally the guild was disbanded. 2 months wasted.
    The second time, my guild just wasn’t big enough to do the instances I wanted, and any new members we did get, tended to ask questions like ‘ where do I buy arrows?’. I told the GM I was leaving, despite the fact I somehow felt I was letting people down by doing so. Do I regret finding a new guild? No. I still keep touch with the friends I left behind, and sometimes we do stuff together.

  2. Tomas says:

    Something funny about guilds and guildmates and how people value their time and others times in game vs. how they might handle the same responsibilities in RL. In reality – these should be the same. If you commit to a raid on a Tuesday night – you show up for said raid. If you can’t make it – there needs to be a better excuse than:

    “I decided to sit on the couch with the cat and watch Law & Order reruns while leveling my new hunter alt.”

    Try that with a community organization you volunteer for or a sports league – doesn’t fly. It’s interesting how so many folks can simply do away with their online relationships so quickly. I know I’m guilty of it. I think most of us are if we’re honest with ourselves.

    The funny thing is that once the *taste* of disorganization or commitment gets into a guilds collective consciousness it’s a dog-shit slippery slope to contain it. So the guild leader wants to head off and play on a secret ALT to avoid guild drama – (or LOTRO) – that’s fine. There just needs to be some butt-kickers in the guild to keep things moving forward and tight while he’s gone. Otherwise – the dramakin start to warble their corrosive song and slowly but surely your high-levels start to trickle off to other guilds, other servers, and other games.

    It’s almost *funny* how fast it can all happen. Or sad – still not sure which.

  3. Kinless says:

    It probably is time for that change.

    And that’s *one* slippery slope there, Tomas! 🙂

  4. That’s so sad… keyed up and nowhere to go. That’s like getting all dressed up and no place to eat. 😦

  5. Kinless says:

    Yeah. But if your usual restaurant is closed, there’s one right around the corner.

  6. dmosbon says:

    I could do with some guild drama but am not back in WoW until after my hols…& then I am an unguilded orc still learning the hunter ropes!

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